Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dusty Shoo Away!

Shoo Shoo Shoo~

Who come to shoo away my dusty blog?? I've been so long long time didn't update my blog. Seriously I prefer my blog to be full with photos. But recently my daily life is just work and work and work! Nothing much to be taken photo so nothing to be updated here...

Are u asking about my birthday? Hmm, this year I'm neither in Malacca and JB. So my birthday is not as interesting as few previous years. Without my uni-mate and good gf..Luckily I still can celebrate with my dear sister and jie-fu who stayed in KL. I feel so grateful towards them. And I've been FFK twice on my birthday! One of them is someone who will read this:P

I know not his fault but another sui-zei is totally his fault!!! I will really blame him...................@.@

About my working life..Erm..Just can said I'm so lucky to have these colleagues. My department just got 2 girls which another girl is same as me-fresh grad. So we are so ngam-key and everyday we spending our times in figure out as how should we handle our tasks~ As everything is so new to both of us..........My dep. manager was a 40++ years old guy from JB too. Another 2 colleagues which one of them I just met him a while since I start working 1 week. Another 1 was a so so funny and talkative guy. He's 30++ years old with a beautiful wife and a lovely 8 months baby.

OMG how come I reveal my colleagues personal detail here?:P Maybe the friendly colleague I met talk so much about them to me so I get to know them well. Seriously till now I still can't remember the whole company's colleagues' name. Except some of them I need to call them almost everyday to deal some works.

Overall I'm satisfied with the working environment I had right now. Except for the.....salary. Guess if one day I transfer workplace, the salary will be the main reason but definitely not the persons I work with. At least till now they are considered friendly to me. But someone told me, when I haven't been threated to their position in the company, of course they are all friendly to us. Well, I don't know whether this will be happened to me but at least I feel I should enjoy the friendly+lively environment I'm having now....

Woke up on 7pm
Dress Up
Milk as breakfast

No doubt I sleep every night on 9pm++. Sometimes 10pm. It's all because I'm too bored at hostel. Nothing to do. No internet connection no Astro.

Anyway anyone who came over Kelana welcome to give me a call..!! I willing to let u joy up my boring life:D


Bryan Hoo said...

sorry sorry
im not meant to ffk u. im in urgent meeting till 2pm that day seriously T__T
thank the cupcake i will belanja u back okay =(

crystal250886 said...

bryanhoo, i wait for your treat then:D