Monday, March 31, 2008

spending is my lifelong mission.

Yesterday I have a girlie outingz. Or I should said is housemates outingz. We do really enjoy our every single moment be together for this last 2 months for being housemates. Everything will be hard for us after graduate. Eh why I talking all my FEELING now? Outingz update more important. This post will story by photos than words.

Photo tell everything:D

While waiting Miss Justine went to withdraw $$.

We took photos first.

After that Miss Cherish went for oil pump. Guess what Miss Justine help her to do??

SHE BRUSH THE CAR MIRROR. Both front and back side!=))

What is our purpose for this outingz actually is for Miss Justine's Mystique Dress Hunting. She keep gruntling since last weeks after we all bring back our dress for Mystique from hometown. Keep saying that she not going if she can't any dress. Bla bla bla. Now let u get your dress liao la wei. The most VALUABLE among us tim:P


Waiting for girls to dress-fitting.

Stop growing fat please!

I prefer this white color of hers. But at the end she bought the black color 1=.=lll

Lunch time. Oops no doubt our lunch held on 4pm++. Should be teatime but see what we ordered for TEATIME..........................

Ta-Da. Dishes sharing.

Here is Spices Cottage. Located near to Wok and Pan. This is the first time and we actually only attract by the cendol on the outside banner.

This BIG bowl of cendol cost RM 3.50! Go Jonker better@.@

Spices Cottage

After Miss Justine got her dress, she not really feel 'PAIN' for the dressss. We went to DP and MP for the next round! Hoho

It's time for me to StarbuckSSSSSS!
My Favourite Caramel Macchiato again~

Miss PeiYun

Miss Cherish. She is indeed great poser.

Miss Justine. I like her expression a lot everytime.

Heels time. Everyone wearing heels this time! Oh no. Except Miss Cherish.

Miss Crystal

Dinner time is Kenny Roger. Miss Justine got voucher of 'buy 2 free 1'. So 4 of us shared 3 sets. We got TOO-FULL even not equally sharing@.@



Vannila, Chocolate and Banana

1/4 quarter with 3 side dishes each set


I look very swollen that day=((

Miss PeiYun and me

me and Miss Cherish pretty babe

me and Miss Justine goodies babe


Mine vs. Us

Spent again laa. Got myself something neccesary while got some unneccesary.

Can I stop spending for just a LITTLE WHILE?!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I want break!

Just finish 1 midterm paper just now. Feel so exhausted and willing to have a rest. However, I can't. I got 2 assignments need to submit to my groupmates for them to combine and finalize on yesterday. But I just able to submit one of them and another left incomplete. Feel so guilty for that. So after finish my midterm paper and 'youtube-ing' a while, I start to do my assignments.

Aikss. Normally I will let myself be relax after a paper end. But tonight....................

Feel very sleepy now. Still got some haven't complete. Well guess have to complete tomorrow morning and send to my groupmates as soon as possible.

Piles of works waiting for me. Midterm not yet end, at the same time need to do LOT of assignments and term paper! Presentation will start from 2 weeks later! It's just so stressssssss out here. Is it time for me to bang toward my room's wall? =.=lll

Yet, Mystique will be coming soon. It's kind of Prom-Nite for this year. But it's name is Mystique-A Fair Tale Ending. It's held on the Saturday night 2 weeks later. Well, I never attend any of them in the past 3 years. As I will graduate soon so it seems to be a MUST for me to go before I leave.

Previously often heard ppl said hairdo and makeup will be done by pro-stylist. But guess what? I'm planning to done it by myself! Although I don't think I can but I will give a good try. Need to some magazine reading of my 16 pieces! No need to do for people only myself what. So any consequences will be taken by me only:P

I know now is the time for assignment-doing and midterm-reading. But...........................

I wish to have some magazing-researching first! So that I can figure out what kind of makeup and hairdo I wish to do for myself.

I'm not pro!=))

Thursday, March 27, 2008

white cream.

Midterm break I able to meet up with some friends. That day met up with HanNee again for lunch. Coz we settled want to yumcha at the night before, with some other friends, but end up she not free so the appointment cancel. She came lunch with me on the next day. Keke~

She told me a lot of new cafe opened around Sutera. Actually everytime my parents brought me to Tea Garden for breakfast, my dad like to drive around that area to explore new food spot so that next time we can have a try. So actually I know there are new cafe for me but never went it before. Wish to have a try at Pure Fruit Bar 1, but it only open when I leave. I want try next time!

Eyeliner crazy.

Axtivo Cafe.

I like the environment there. And so do to their service. They will greet u with "Welcome Home" when u came in. It's just like a home as yours.
The place I sat is just like a living room. Got tv set and cupboard.

Customers in and out and the seat there never been empty.

My Hot Chocolate!

HanNee's Mint.......forgot the name already la.
I just know it taste really weird!@.@

HanNee only ordered fruit salad.
That's why she so skinny man.

Unlike me, eat this so-called WHITE SAUCE CHICKEN SPAGHETTI.
For me WHITE SAUCE is sort of creamy or cheesy, but do u know what is this taste?
It's just the totally same sauce as chinese wat-tan-ho. OMFG

We didn't took any photos as we really chat a lot till forget the time. We sat from lunch time until the dinner one. Until I recall my mum ask me back home for dinner only we realize the time pass so fast.

So miss the timez for chit-chatting.
Next time chill-out-sharing-session will be with who?

Hopefully will be YOU!:D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

birth day

Happy 22nd Birthday Miss Lim!
on 24th of March

Happy 23rd Birthday Miss Ng!
on 25th of March

Oops, girls' age should be secret?!
no no, u gals still young what:P

no special celebration but a so-called-birthday-cake for u gals.
the birthday cake special 1 hor. Can use 1:D

I'm willing to give a big hug to birthday girls if u want=))

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I hope I can get better. But it just can't get away from me.
Hug me next time when u see me. I need it=)

Sometimes a short outingz cheers me a bit. I went out with my secondary schmates for cheong-k. They are the ones who understand me well. We always talk non-stop when meet up. They even no need to give me a single console but do make me feel good.

Ling and HanNee

Me and Ling

HanNee and me

Forgive for my camwhoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Sorry:P

Caramel Macchiato is my latest loved. Another newie that cheers me.

Shop again. Poison me please.

I will forgive u and be numb to u as well.
Soon, I will get well.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hopeless and helpless.

When u putting hope on something that u never get,
Is it too silly?

When u putting hope on something that u care,
Is it too stupid?

When u wishing someone never care u for help,
Is it too naive?

When u wishing something desired to help u cheers,
Is it too optimistic?

****Hopeless and Helpless****

Even me myself can't cheers myself up, what can you do?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

five without one.

Last night was primarily a housemate-gathering. But due to some..........problem, LPP not able to join us. She scared me last night laa. But luckily today after I reach JB I able to know she is ok already. Whoo.

Ok. Don't know why last night all the photos I taken are BLUR and NOT-IN-QUALITY.

Well, don't care about that. I just want to share. We went to dinner last night. At Dutch Harbour Cafe. It's really risk there for trying a new cafe. Guess what I get last night? Unsatisfaction+Unworthy dinner. What the.................

I think that place only suitable for drinks and chatting. Not for food.


It is open air. Just beside the Melaka River.

Four of us there. What we ordered?

First, beverages of course.

Various fruit juice+Strawberry Blast

Some snacks followed on.

Potato Fries
It's Giant brand french fries but they charged us for 2 whole packet's price. =.=lll

Chicken Croquette
It's ready-made and took out from fridge. Not fresh-made. I hate this kind thing actually. NSY's pretty leg is 'burned' by this 'fresh'-served croquette. Poor thing:P

Here is our main course.

3-Cheese Pizza
Tasteless-est pizza I ever had. First time feel Pizza Hut's pizza is better when I try pizza in cafe.

I'm serious. Very not recommended for foods. All of us are not satisfy at all. After that proceed to Wing's Cafe and met some friends there. Aimed a guy with thick-fringe just like Bryan last time. Hoho.

After back home, only is our time to camwhore. Weird right for not taking photos during outingz.

So blur taking.

Why she want be so-short beside me leh? I know I'm taller 1cm than u. =))

I feel she always love me that much. This is not the first photos she INTEND to kiss me.

3 of us. We know each others always. *wink

Oh ya, I'm back to JB today morning. Again. My short-mid-term break is starting. But it's not really a break for me. Tons of assignments and midterm paper preparation waiting me. I've bring back notes and assignments guidelines. But will I really touch on it? Well, WAIT AND SEE.

Today is first day only nia. Relax mannnnnnnnnnnnnn:p