Saturday, March 15, 2008

five without one.

Last night was primarily a housemate-gathering. But due to some..........problem, LPP not able to join us. She scared me last night laa. But luckily today after I reach JB I able to know she is ok already. Whoo.

Ok. Don't know why last night all the photos I taken are BLUR and NOT-IN-QUALITY.

Well, don't care about that. I just want to share. We went to dinner last night. At Dutch Harbour Cafe. It's really risk there for trying a new cafe. Guess what I get last night? Unsatisfaction+Unworthy dinner. What the.................

I think that place only suitable for drinks and chatting. Not for food.


It is open air. Just beside the Melaka River.

Four of us there. What we ordered?

First, beverages of course.

Various fruit juice+Strawberry Blast

Some snacks followed on.

Potato Fries
It's Giant brand french fries but they charged us for 2 whole packet's price. =.=lll

Chicken Croquette
It's ready-made and took out from fridge. Not fresh-made. I hate this kind thing actually. NSY's pretty leg is 'burned' by this 'fresh'-served croquette. Poor thing:P

Here is our main course.

3-Cheese Pizza
Tasteless-est pizza I ever had. First time feel Pizza Hut's pizza is better when I try pizza in cafe.

I'm serious. Very not recommended for foods. All of us are not satisfy at all. After that proceed to Wing's Cafe and met some friends there. Aimed a guy with thick-fringe just like Bryan last time. Hoho.

After back home, only is our time to camwhore. Weird right for not taking photos during outingz.

So blur taking.

Why she want be so-short beside me leh? I know I'm taller 1cm than u. =))

I feel she always love me that much. This is not the first photos she INTEND to kiss me.

3 of us. We know each others always. *wink

Oh ya, I'm back to JB today morning. Again. My short-mid-term break is starting. But it's not really a break for me. Tons of assignments and midterm paper preparation waiting me. I've bring back notes and assignments guidelines. But will I really touch on it? Well, WAIT AND SEE.

Today is first day only nia. Relax mannnnnnnnnnnnnn:p


BeverLy's Secret said...

Ya ya..It's always awesome to travel around...

Yours holidays are not bad too...hehe...

Have a great one~~

Justine said... lao is showing her long-kang all the way:))

Akira Wah said...

hahaha... u really very enjoyed ya~~ haha... good neh, that's our life, enjoy more...

crystal250886 said...

beverly, this is just my short outingz not holidays..
my holidays just started from yesterday..keke~

crystal250886 said...

justine, she not mind showing also:P

crystal250886 said...

akira, i wish i can enjoy and relax more:)

Akira Wah said...

Haha, surely u can relax more, depends on u wan to rest or not lor...

darrenckw said...

omg first time see sy so sexy.. tats not her isnt ?

crystal250886 said...

darren, that's nsy..
no need to doubt as she dunno she look like this in my photo too:P