Monday, March 10, 2008

Shortcoming All Around.

I've been back from Malaysia's 12th Election voting. And I'm very excited that..
Coz the person I vote for WIN!! Hoho~

Back to malacca, I have to continue with my assignments and midterm preparation. But it's just like few days later, I will be back to JB again. I don't want spend my midterm break overhere. Will die-bored ok.

I'm seriously sick of someone that being so hard-to-fok-si and changable. How come you can change so tremendously without any significance sign? I thought we will be long-lasting but now seems hard. Something I don't wish to change seems changing now. What can I do? I can't change your mind but what I want to keep is our wonderful memory. Please don't spoilt it. I love you as my friend. From my true heart ok!

Don't be hypocrite. Don't be so hard-to-catch. It will be hard for people that love and care u much. What for hurting ppl so deep? Stop this topic then.

Recently only I know I will be alone at home during my term break. Or should say is the period that after I finish my study and wait for my graduation trip as well as my job application. My parents will be off for tripS but not me. Daddy said he willing to pay for me for another abroad trip other than my graduation trip. Halo, I don't want spend so much money of u. So I'm seriously satisfied for my graduation trip.

But.............. I'm not reject for any local trips! Even looking forward for it. Any beach or highlands I'm willing to join. As long as it's with my beloved friends. So do find me for TRIPS! I'm craving for it:P

Oops..too late and too long.
Miss me everyone:D


Akira Wah said...

Hahaha, so u got any plans to go? U been to Taman Negara before?

crystal250886 said...

nope..u going?

Akira Wah said...

hmm, feeling wan to explore that area... hehe... but no time for me to go so many days ler....