Monday, March 31, 2008

spending is my lifelong mission.

Yesterday I have a girlie outingz. Or I should said is housemates outingz. We do really enjoy our every single moment be together for this last 2 months for being housemates. Everything will be hard for us after graduate. Eh why I talking all my FEELING now? Outingz update more important. This post will story by photos than words.

Photo tell everything:D

While waiting Miss Justine went to withdraw $$.

We took photos first.

After that Miss Cherish went for oil pump. Guess what Miss Justine help her to do??

SHE BRUSH THE CAR MIRROR. Both front and back side!=))

What is our purpose for this outingz actually is for Miss Justine's Mystique Dress Hunting. She keep gruntling since last weeks after we all bring back our dress for Mystique from hometown. Keep saying that she not going if she can't any dress. Bla bla bla. Now let u get your dress liao la wei. The most VALUABLE among us tim:P


Waiting for girls to dress-fitting.

Stop growing fat please!

I prefer this white color of hers. But at the end she bought the black color 1=.=lll

Lunch time. Oops no doubt our lunch held on 4pm++. Should be teatime but see what we ordered for TEATIME..........................

Ta-Da. Dishes sharing.

Here is Spices Cottage. Located near to Wok and Pan. This is the first time and we actually only attract by the cendol on the outside banner.

This BIG bowl of cendol cost RM 3.50! Go Jonker better@.@

Spices Cottage

After Miss Justine got her dress, she not really feel 'PAIN' for the dressss. We went to DP and MP for the next round! Hoho

It's time for me to StarbuckSSSSSS!
My Favourite Caramel Macchiato again~

Miss PeiYun

Miss Cherish. She is indeed great poser.

Miss Justine. I like her expression a lot everytime.

Heels time. Everyone wearing heels this time! Oh no. Except Miss Cherish.

Miss Crystal

Dinner time is Kenny Roger. Miss Justine got voucher of 'buy 2 free 1'. So 4 of us shared 3 sets. We got TOO-FULL even not equally sharing@.@



Vannila, Chocolate and Banana

1/4 quarter with 3 side dishes each set


I look very swollen that day=((

Miss PeiYun and me

me and Miss Cherish pretty babe

me and Miss Justine goodies babe


Mine vs. Us

Spent again laa. Got myself something neccesary while got some unneccesary.

Can I stop spending for just a LITTLE WHILE?!


BeverLy's Secret said...

shopping maniac...
can i join you next time?

crystal250886 said...

of course..
if i able to go U.S or u able to back Msia:P

Akira 思胜 said...

hahaha, shopping again, and Starbucks again and again!!! hahaha...

I din go to Starbucks last week, as my friend din work there anymore... waiting for him to work again... hehe...

Justine said...

wah..when become so polite eh..all eh"miss" before our name?

btw, i like to sapu the windscreen while pump oil fun eh!

and..why u reveal the dress i buying?i want keep it secret ler.........

"me and Miss Justine goodies babe"==>goodies babe?apa makna?