Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm though flexible. Somebody called me flexible girl out there. Haha.

Super outdate post this will be. It's last last weekend matter. But I don't mind for the late. LATE BETTER THAN NEVER!:D

I met up with some friends at KL that weekend. All just because of my sudden-simple decision and a simple SMS. All of this plan just done and we able to meet. So happy laa me!

Friends, thanks for space out your FYP-time to accompany me. I'm appreciate it a lotzzzzzzzz
Big hugz and Big Kiss for u guys ok?:P

After I reached KL Pudu, I explored myself for going to Sg. Wang. Don't laugh me for almost getting lost. I'm direction-idiot la wei. But at the end I still reached there and even earlier than them. Hoho~

This glass of Strawberry Shake accompany me while I'm waiting them.

We went sing K. Jessica, Stevenz, KeatMeng and WaiSeng were there. But WaiSeng come late due to SOME reason. But I still feel happy for seeing his coming. What we can do is just SING, SING AND SING during that 4 hours time!

Mr. WaiSeng. He insist want sing 'Cai-Hong' of Jay Chou's.

See. They both singing happily and they are indeed Jay's big fanz.
I've been suffering..oops no.. is enjoying Jay Chou's song for the begin period of our singing session.=))

Me and Jessica. Thanks for borrow your bed to me. Haha.
And we get to sing 'Xin-Wo' together! Only me want sing with her la:p
Next time we sing 'Ti-Amo' ok?Keke~

Oops sorry I'm sitting between couple:))

Jom let's go participate Superstar together! Wohohoho

Dinner timez at iZZi. A cafe that I never been there before. They said the pizza there are nice. So we do tasted it. Able to meet up with Connie and KJ for dinner! Woohoo!

Interior View.


My Strawberry Milkshake

Caesar Salad of Jess

Tomato Soup of Connie Dear

Spaghetti of KJ. He don't want let me take photo weiii:P

PizzaS. I forgot the name already la. Just know the so-called bacon looks like chinese-lap-chiong. Hahahaha


Me and Jess. I want go find u again.

Me and Connie Dear. Miss u much~

The guys.
KeatMeng, Steven, WaiSeng = Dark, Half-Half, Bright!
Can't stop laughing la me=))

Stop blogging la me. Midterm paper tmr! *Piak

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Akira Wah said...

wow, so nice ler, can go to sing k... haha... the food there looked so yummy.... aikz, hungry liao...