Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hopeless and helpless.

When u putting hope on something that u never get,
Is it too silly?

When u putting hope on something that u care,
Is it too stupid?

When u wishing someone never care u for help,
Is it too naive?

When u wishing something desired to help u cheers,
Is it too optimistic?

****Hopeless and Helpless****

Even me myself can't cheers myself up, what can you do?


Akira Wah said...

wat happened to u my friend? ur post sounds very sad and unhappy lar...

:: yvonne :: said...

i'm having bad mood too~ hope both of us will getting better soon ya~ cheers ^^

Jessica said...

yup, recently i think i'm kinda stupid too...
but hey~please cheer up..

and remember,
u might not get tat "something", but u still have something to treasure and cherish..

and there's always someone who care of you..when some doesn't.

and sometime, naive is better than complicated.

i'll be your cheerleader like u'd been mine. ^.^
cheers dear~

crystal250886 said...

akira, thanks for concern and i do feel down now@.@~
but i will be ok soon dun worry..

crystal250886 said...

yvonne, don't be down like me and hope both of us can cheer up soon:)

crystal250886 said...

jessica, i will be getting well soon..
i always treasure what i have to do so but sometimes....
thing always not as smooth as what i wish..
thanks for being my cheerleader..
i will be fine:D