Saturday, January 17, 2009

Singapore Trip II

At night, we went to Clarke Quay to have a walk. My parents said when I was a child, I had been there long long time ago. Even I had take the boat ride before. But seriously I totally forgot about that@.@

The street

Directory Wall

Along Riverside

The bridge

With Mummy:*


After that we went dinner. My uncle said he wish to bring us for this for long time ago since nobody in Msia had ever got such idea. Isit?

Lot of choices

Quite nice

There are also some entertainment there..

Gmax Reverse Bungy & GX 5 Extreme Swing

I'm old already........=.=lll

Friday, January 16, 2009

Singapore Trip

The day after that, we continuously went to short Singapore trip. I totally look like tourist although my home just damn near to there, within 1 hour we can reach@.@

This is the combination of my few days trip as I not really remember which places I went on which day:P

Firstly, of course we went to see the Merlion that represent Singapore!

A girl dressed like little princess

The small one

With my dear Daddy

With Cher Yee


After that went to Ngau Che Sui.

Food Street

Coming we going to Clarke Quay:D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas 2008

Finally I can blog about my last year christmas. Yupz now already 2009 but until now only I got time to blog about that. Aiksss..

Somemore recently my company add in many ridiculous rules.......Yer sienz=.=lll

Ok talking about my favourite festive in year. Christmas really my favourite as I like the feeling and atmosphere brought by Christmas. I had spent my christmas with my families in Singapore! Woohoo I enjoy it so much!

Except for the shopping part, my days there almost like trip with friends. Especially the countdown night. We all, including my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We seriously spent the countdown 12am at Orchard Road there! With many youngster shout and play all around! Suddenly think of my last last Christmas in KL Sg Wang there with Miss Justine them..

Coming will be only photos but no further explaination. As all those is the decorations that I seen in Orchard Road. My aunt said 2008 Christmas Deco not that nice as usual. Cut cost I think:(


Go Green Concept

My two little cousin


Lollipop Ribbon

Damn many ppl that day

Look like cake

Street View

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Small Gathering

Met up with Bryan and RG the next day. This Lim Swee Kuan damn hard to date 1. So hardly, wait until got Miss Justine came from JB to meet up, only he willing to show face@.@~

Lunch first. At somewhere at SS2 recommended by Mr Lim Swee Kuan.

Tomyam Seafood Mee

Curry Seafood Mee

As usual, we went to Secret Recipe. SR seems is our ALWAYS place for meet up. Haha.







Chitchatting and of course take photos!:D


Me and them

Mr Lim Swee Kuan

Reach Boy = Rich Boy?=))

YEAH I like this so much!:*

Although dunno when is the next time, but I seriously like this kind of gathering. As long I know, we not forgetting each other.

OMG why I getting emotional?@.@~