Friday, November 28, 2008

Friendster Cafe after char siew

Friendster Cafe after char siew before movie.


like milo punya ice chocolate



Jessica Darling


Me and Yvonne

Mr Waiseng and me

me and Steven

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Appraisal Session

Last 2 days I went in boss's room(with door shut) for appraisal session. Seriously I thought it won't be so soon for me although the exactly date for confirmation had already passed.

Boss told me lot of things. He appraise one by one by the sub section in the appraisal form. OMG seriously I filled in long time ago I had already forgot what including inside. Basically it including like attitude, work interest and..bla bla bla. Seriously I forgot already laa.

Boss praised me about the speed and accuracy of work. Which mean that I seldom make mistake on work. But I think he's bit of short-term-memory loss. I made quite lot of small mistake maybe he just didn't realize and remember. And I'm suprisingly know he know me now doing routine work and know I will feel sienz soon as half year.

So, he gave me new task in coming days which I thought it won't be my task at all. He said it will be a new challenge for me out from those routine work that I had done for 3 months. The 3 months is just like letting me get familiar with the basic and have a thought that whether this is the job scope I look for.

Hmm..I don't got any specific job scope I looking actually. I just wish to learn something new, something I never do before. That's all enough for me. Am I required too less? Maybe I am but anything new=fresh=interesting to me. So I'm quite happy with the new task. Although I don't know whether I can handle it or not but he said no time frame for me to learn:D As long as I can catch it up and keep up my well-speed work now.

Hopefully I can done it well in coming half until 1 year laa. OMG I still thinking to change job tim. I think now no more excuse for me to change due to bored-ness now. *Hopefully my boss don't see this*=P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Char Siew FUN!

Last last weeks I went out char siew FUN outingz with bloggers. It's a first time I met them actually. Especially meeting smashpop Jason just like meeting someone inside television.OMG

But too bad the weather and environment there si beh hot! We seems just fast fast finish eat and leave. So I din really take photo with them:(

Camwho kao kao first:P

Char Siew taste so different with the char siew I ate in JB@.@

Chicken Ko-Ko-Keh

Many plates of Char Siew

I love this kind of rice lot actually~

Me and Sandra! Woot I get to camwho with her:D

Me and Jessica Darling

Me and Karena! I love this one so much. We must go camwho lot again k?:)

Me, Jess Darl and Mr Busy

Met Joshua, Pui Mun, Gideon, Karena, Andrew, Smashpop, Grace and Sandra *the bloggers*
Met Yvonne, Steven, Jessica Darling and WaiSeng *the buddies*

Monday, November 24, 2008

Manggo Ice

Went out dinner at Kei Tak Sek. Seriously their manggo ice seems not that nice already leh:(



Manggo Ice

Tomyam Lai Meen

Suddenly I want dessert so much! Where's dessert is the best ah? *thinking hard*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Macro's with Shin Hui

Sometimes ago I went dinner with my excoursemate. Both of us stay in PJ area but we seldom out for dinner actually:P

Just a simple eating and chit-chatting. No chik-chak coz she dun like:(

Pizza Go!

Ice Lemon Tea as usual

If she know I secretly took her photo she will kill me I think:P

Not much customers on weekdays

She ordered bolognese

And I finish this regular size pizza by myself@.@~~~~~~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Connie Dear I Miss You

Went shopping and chit-chatting session with Connie Dear. We went to The Curve The Street for some shopping and went for dinner. Planned to eat Sakae Sushi 1 but damn many ppl queque up outside. So we went to The Apartment beside.

Many ppl told me the food there not nice. After I went to ate..


Full house tim@.@

Connie Dear

Ice Chocolate no chocolate taste 1=.=lll

Sandwiches. Only the chips beside tasty!

Dunno what chicken chop. Only the smash potato beside tasty! OMG

What do u feel abt a restaurant when it's only side dishes nice?? What the...............

But I still enjoy outingz with Connie Dear. Go away the yuck food:P

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

With Yvonne

I've been to Full House outingz with Yvonne. Such a nice time with her and sure we will have next!:D

Where is the next? Ban Mee?

Seriously, Full House is a nice place for photo shooting. See how much I took then u will know:P

Lunch loo

Cute comics

Blogger in action:P


spoon and fork

We ordered set lunch.

Lime Juice

Plus creamy mushroom soup

Plus main set (mine is carbonara)

(Her is dori fish)

Plus a cup of ice cream! I love the ice cream so much!

So suit her shirt:p

Before shooting sure camwho first lo:D

Here u go the photo series~~~~

Selling shirts

and accessories


Frame corner

OMG accidentally shoot myself in=))

Cutie Doggie

I want this! hoho~

Poo Poo Car at the main entrance

There is actually the plan theme in that..Just like home~

No welcome but go back home loo

I will come here over and over again~