Thursday, November 27, 2008

Appraisal Session

Last 2 days I went in boss's room(with door shut) for appraisal session. Seriously I thought it won't be so soon for me although the exactly date for confirmation had already passed.

Boss told me lot of things. He appraise one by one by the sub section in the appraisal form. OMG seriously I filled in long time ago I had already forgot what including inside. Basically it including like attitude, work interest and..bla bla bla. Seriously I forgot already laa.

Boss praised me about the speed and accuracy of work. Which mean that I seldom make mistake on work. But I think he's bit of short-term-memory loss. I made quite lot of small mistake maybe he just didn't realize and remember. And I'm suprisingly know he know me now doing routine work and know I will feel sienz soon as half year.

So, he gave me new task in coming days which I thought it won't be my task at all. He said it will be a new challenge for me out from those routine work that I had done for 3 months. The 3 months is just like letting me get familiar with the basic and have a thought that whether this is the job scope I look for.

Hmm..I don't got any specific job scope I looking actually. I just wish to learn something new, something I never do before. That's all enough for me. Am I required too less? Maybe I am but anything new=fresh=interesting to me. So I'm quite happy with the new task. Although I don't know whether I can handle it or not but he said no time frame for me to learn:D As long as I can catch it up and keep up my well-speed work now.

Hopefully I can done it well in coming half until 1 year laa. OMG I still thinking to change job tim. I think now no more excuse for me to change due to bored-ness now. *Hopefully my boss don't see this*=P


:: yvonne :: said...

I learn many diff things in my company too... So, appreaciate every learning moment... I read a pessage last few days ago. The writer said, when there is "free" learning and teaching, then you shud appreciate it! Coz seldom, we have the "free". So, take it as a challenge.. and of coz we won't feel bored then.. Enjoy your working life.. same to me too.. =)

William said...
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vincent2903 said...

youngster nowdays tend to job hop to find one that suits them...

1st, u tend to find with good salary, then salary is not tat important because of the boredom...

so just find one that suits u... ^^