Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Char Siew FUN!

Last last weeks I went out char siew FUN outingz with bloggers. It's a first time I met them actually. Especially meeting smashpop Jason just like meeting someone inside television.OMG

But too bad the weather and environment there si beh hot! We seems just fast fast finish eat and leave. So I din really take photo with them:(

Camwho kao kao first:P

Char Siew taste so different with the char siew I ate in JB@.@

Chicken Ko-Ko-Keh

Many plates of Char Siew

I love this kind of rice lot actually~

Me and Sandra! Woot I get to camwho with her:D

Me and Jessica Darling

Me and Karena! I love this one so much. We must go camwho lot again k?:)

Me, Jess Darl and Mr Busy

Met Joshua, Pui Mun, Gideon, Karena, Andrew, Smashpop, Grace and Sandra *the bloggers*
Met Yvonne, Steven, Jessica Darling and WaiSeng *the buddies*


just apple said...

TBR!!! IS THAT TBR?! i'm from TARC..=/ SOT one.>XD

Bryan Hoo said...

me hungry liao~

Andrew said...

yeahooo!!! yummy yummy!! char siew fan!! let's go!! saturday =D wakakaka

-ritchie- said...

where is tat?