Wednesday, July 30, 2008

confident is such important to me.

I hate others being unconfident to me.
It's make me hurt.

I hate others don't trust my ability.
I will lose more confidence to my own.

I hate others thought I'm useless.
I know sometime I am but I hate being not trusted.

I hate I can't do things well.
I don't want to be the weakest among others.

I hate rely on others.
I hate this feeling.
It will make me guilty.

I hate being weaky in front of others.
Maybe acting strong is some way to protect myself.

I hate everything that I hate.

I just feeling bad lately. Sorry for keep posting emo post over here:p

Do you know me? well?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday my Dear Corrine!

Happy Birthday My Dear Corrine!!

Today is your 28th Birthday~

Of course, birthday need to go through.........

Make wishes..

Blow candle..

And cut the cake.

Her beloved lg.

Her beloved sister.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Daily thingy again.

Finally I had finished my Taiwan posts. Seriously I had a great Taiwan trip with Justine and Cherish. They brought a lot of laughy to me. And sorry for my bad temper. I just too wish to be my own. Sorry for that:P

Anyway, I still wish for the next. Just don't know where will be that and when will be that.

Currently I'm staying in KL for finding job. I've been slacking in home for almost 2 months. Everyday the most frequent websites I visited is Jobstreet and Hotmail. Tll now I had been to 2 interviews and still waiting for reply. Maybe coming will be more yet but I'm going back JB soon. Hopefully last Thursday interview can be success:)

I starting feel losing confidence on myself. Don't know what I looking for and don't know what I can be. I'm just losing.

And the most deepin feeling of mine recently is feeling.......................


Don't blame me for feeling this coz I don't know why I feeling this.

Just want to enter something here. And I going for celebration tonight! Yippie~


Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love Taiwan life.

Finally, on 30th of June, we going back Msia. Seriously not really bear to back, coz I really like the life over here. Everything is so suit to what I want. Hehe. But I'm still a Malaysian. I still have to back to Malaysia. Oh what a lousy conclusion over here:(

First, let u see what I get over Taiwan.


Now come introduce my 'life' over here.

The hotel we stayed in Taipei.

The MRT station that nearest with our hotel. Everyday have to come here to go anywhere we wish to go.

Have to go this way out.

Easy Card just like the Touch and Go we used here. U still can refund the money left if u want to.

Before back we went to eat Mos Burger again.

Miss Goh

Reached airport.

Can see our flight? The last third row.

My flight ticket

Waiting hall

Last photo session in Taiwan:(

Miss Goh

Miss Ng



We are going through platform A7.

Raining. Again.

Inside the airplane.

I love you gals!

When want go overseas trip again? I guess will be long long long time later..........................

Friendly Taiwanese.

After separated with Ying Hua, we went to Jiu Fen at night. We go there by bus and on the bus we met a pair of friendly old husband and wife. They listen to our conversation since we get on the bus and they know we are not local. So after they know we going Jiu Fen, they still told us what time should we back from there and which places can we go to visit. Jiu Fen famous with its O-Yi. It's a kind of dessert that made of yam. So the friendly aunty told us which place O-Yi is the best.

Ta-Da! Is here.

Not bad. Quite similar with the tangyuan we ate here. Just it's made of yam only.

We ordered the mix. So inside it got some is made of sweet potato and green bean.

The old street

Night Scene


Taiwan boys like to play basketball machine a lot!

After that we been to Ji Long Night Market. I know it's night market again but it consider quite famous gua. Coz I always saw it on some foods tv programme.

The bridge


This is the nutritious sandwich that recommended by Tuck Fai. He said everytime he came here sure want to eat this. After we tried, it really not bad.

There's a lot of stalls selling fruit juice in Taiwan night market. I think this is their favourites.

Before we left, sure need to take some photos loo.

Tuck Fai and Miss Goh

Tuck Fai and Miss Ng

Me and Tuck Fai

This is the bus we took.

He aimed not only be a movie director but be an actor too I think. We asking him cry in 10 seconds. Haha

30th we will be back to Msia. Unbearable la...........................................