Saturday, July 19, 2008


After came out from Miniatures Museum, it's raining cats and dogs outside there. Actually most of the days I went to Taiwan is raining. Aiksss. We deciding whether want to go to somewhere near or Ding Tai Fung since it's raining. At the end, of course go Ding Tai Fung with taxi loo.



We ordered several dishes for sharing.

Xiao Lung Tang Bao

Dried Prawn Wantan

Prawn Wantan in soup

Spare Ribs

Beef Noodle!! Only me and Miss Goh eat beef.

This one not Tang Bao. But I forgot what their name. It's Miss Ng and Tuck Fai favourite.

Fried Rice. Prawn damn big.

After dinner we went to watch movie. Damn expensive watching movie in Taiwan. So Tuck Fai brought us go watch the 'second round movie'. It's some movie that had already not been shown in big cinema. What a new experience..

The next day we going Xi Men Hong Lou and Jiu Fen..............................................

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