Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Day Walk

26th of June, we visited various famous spot in Taipei city. I feel I like the environment in Taipei. It's just so suit what I wishing. People there are so friendly and everyone willing to give u a hand if u got any problem. They are polite too. The way they talked is just so nice. Oh I love that place. Although it's more toward city style but not means that people there will become indifferent.

Our room in XinDian

View from hotel

We walked to a market near with our hotel. There is like wet market with some stall start their business in the morning. This called ban-tiao.

After finish breakfast, we went to Tuck Fai's University for simple visit. He's a Malaysian that study in Taiwan Shi-Xin University. He's studying something related to telecommunication media I think. I just know he going to be a great director in future:D


MRT is our great friend when travel in Taiwan. Everywhere seems connected using MRT there.

First, we went to Taiwan famous book store called Cheng-Pin. There are a lot of branches located all around Taiwan.

There are not only book store inside but selling lotz of other things like daily stuffs, fashion directory, kids centre, CD store and there is a cafe belong to Cheng-Pin. Their book store larger than Popular in Malaysia a lot:p

And the books sold there is cheaper than Malaysia a lot. That's why I still bought myself some although I know it will be heavy to carry them to walk around.

Here is our lunch. MCD in Taiwan. I know there is MCD in Malaysia but menu in Taiwan MCD got a bit different.

This is the choices that do not available in Malaysia. I think maybe it's available in Singapore. Bun turn into rice.

Not bad to try

After that we went to Sun Yat San Memorial Hall.

Miss Lim

Miss Ng.

This is Sun Yat San. I think:p

Actually there is just an art gallery where exhibitions can be held at there.

There is also a nice garden all around the hall.

Miss Goh bought the postcards she want to post up and STAND there writing to her dear friends. U guys should thanks her a lot:D

So while waiting for her, me and Miss Ng went to the history exhibition take a walk.

Remind me of myself?

Brief description of how he discover the land.

Places that he had been before.

The Three Principles of The People

We took picture with him

At first we thought he is fake 1.

On 5pm sharp, we can see the soldier handing-over ceremony.

Outside the hall.

Miss Goh

Miss Lim

Miss Ng

We just passed by this..

And this

Hyatt in Taipei

Taipei 101 is a must if u visit Taipei. Although there is nothing to see but it's world tallest building what. Sure need to visit. Hehe. This is taken from the view of memorial hall.

Getting nearer............


Ta-Da!! Reached.

The entrance

Inside just like Malaysia The Pavillion:p

At night we went to Wu-Fen-Pu for shopping!! It's a place where u can purchase cheaper clothes from other places. It's like wholesale where seller can buy their merchandise over there. But if u want just buy 1 piece they willing to serve u too. But the only shortcoming is they not allowed u to try. Luckily all the clothes I bought I able to wear:p

We try the manggo-strawberry ice there. Not really nice consider with the big bowl manggo ice we tried that day.

Wu-Fen-Pu make us spend the whole night time. Even we not really feel enough for shop. Hoho~

The next day we went to another famous spot. Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf with YingHua......................


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