Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shopping again?!

After back from Tamshui and having our late lunch, YingHua brought us go Xi-Men-Ding meet up with her friends. Her friends are very friendly too. I wonder whether all Taiwanese is so friendly. Why Malaysian cannot be like that?@.@

Xi-Men-Ding is place where a lot of youngster like to shopping and walk around there. There are a lot of place u can go for and definitely one day won't be enough for u to walk around. But too bad we not really familiar with there so we just simply walk around and of course bought ourselves something la:p

A lot of youngster like to hang around here on the weekend.

Famous delicacy in Xi-Men-Ding. It's a must for u to try. Ah Zong Mee Suah! The speciality of this Ah Zong Mee Suah is......U have to stand there and eat. They don't provide u table and chair. But see. Still a lot of ppl willing to eat even u need to stand all the way.

After that YingHua brought us to shoot photo sticker! I used to be a frequent customer of it during my secondary school life. But after graduate from secondary school I've long time never visit this kind of place. Hehe.

I forgot to scan the photo sticker into pc so can't upload here now:p

Busy editing

Shoot when waiting

The lighting is so good

me with YingHua

After that we went to Zhong Zheng Memorial Hall. Actually just simply walk around and it's night time my digi cam can't function well actually.

Of course at the night we went to night market loo. Over half of our meal in Taiwan is settled in there. This night we went to Shi-Lin Night Market. It is the biggest night market of Taipei. Same to the Feng-Jia night market, there not only provided u food stall but u can shop over there too!

Hao-Da Da Chicken Chop. I always taste it in JB with the name 'Shi-Lin Big Chicken Chop'. Now finally I can taste the original 1! Hoho~

Tuck Fai came meet up with us too. He brought us to this place for dessert where a long queque outside the shop. We queque up for around 15 mins only wait till our turn.

Chocolate flavour

Honey with aloe vera. This one nicer.

The next day we went to Mao Kong before met up with Tuck Fai...........................


Akira 思胜 said...

Honey with aloe vera, i wan also! Hehe... courier some to me pls...

crystal250886 said...

even me myself wish to try once again. haha