Friday, July 18, 2008

I hate big sun but I love nature!

28th of June morning, we went to MaoKong. MaoKong means no cat, we really can't find any cat there. Haha. Again, we go by MRT and reach there go up to the hill by cable car. I thought the weather there will feel like Genting Highland, but still damn hot up there. The sun burning me everyday..................

Before we go on cable car.

There is a children theme park.

U can choose to stop at different station. There are 4 different station like temple and zoo.

Different stops different price charged.


Queque up!

See. Lotz of people come to visit here.

One way ticket~ La la la~

Free little fan given

On the way go up

Miss Goh

me and Miss Ng

We reached MaoKong station!

Miss Goh

Actually we just simply walk around la. It's just like a nature protection area where tourists can walk around. Some food stalls selling tibits and beverages there too.

I love nature!


Black black squid sausage! But seriously I can't feel the squid taste:p

TuckFai called. And we leaved there on the afternoon and meet up with him before went to Miniatures Museum of Taiwan.................


Akira 思胜 said...

the view there is somesort like Cameron Highland, haha...

crystal250886 said...

but the weather is totally different.