Monday, July 14, 2008

Peacock, Lake and Pier.

After went to WenWu Temple, Peacock Garden is our next destination. 

Some description of the garden.

Peacock Garden

There is a large piece of grassy with a lot of peacock inside. But the taxi driver told us now is not the most suitable time to visit peacock garden actually. Coz the feather of most of the peacocks inside had already faded. So they not look really nice actually.

Normal species

White Peacock

Trying to fly?

Me in the Peacock Garden

No climbing.

The third spot will be the TaChu Lake. 

The path.

They loved each other=))

Lake view

TaChu Lake

Miss Goh with her pro

Miss Lim


Brief description


Each of us brought camera but there will be more of others photo inside each camera. I mean less the owner of camera��s photos inside each camera:P

How come I like to take staircase photo?@.@

Shooting tourist.

The last spot of the day will be Ita Thao Village and Pier. There used to be a village of one of Taiwan people. But now most of them moved out and there become a famous tourist spot when u visit RiYue Lake.

There is shoplot along the road.

What is this? I didn��t buy this just feel it��s so colourful.

Various kinds of tibits.

This muachi not nice. Other stalls better=.=lll

We passed by this special ice cream stall. There are fresh fruit inside every stick of ice cream!:D

The friendly stall owner initiatively asked us whether want take photo for us or not

Brief Introduction

The Pier

Ita Thao Pier in Sun Moon Lake

What u doing?=))

Blue Lake Water

Tourist a lot

Boat rented. But we didn��t take it.

Price List

Sun Moon Lake

A Scenic View of Sun Moon Lake

Before leaved

After back hotel took our luggage, we straight away went to Taizhung TaiTie Station to buy ticket back to Taipei. Actually not much thing can be visited in Taizhung, so we decided back Taipei earlier and ask one of our friends, Tuck Fai helped us booked hotel since we didn��t plan to stay in Taipei earlier.

Our lunch in Taizhung. Biandong and Mos Burger

Actually their Biandong is just like our mix rice in Msia.


Mos Burger which we tried twice in Taiwan. Coz we loved it much than MCD I think:P

We all been seated separately.

The next day is trip to WuLai in Taipei������������������������������.

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