Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love Taiwan life.

Finally, on 30th of June, we going back Msia. Seriously not really bear to back, coz I really like the life over here. Everything is so suit to what I want. Hehe. But I'm still a Malaysian. I still have to back to Malaysia. Oh what a lousy conclusion over here:(

First, let u see what I get over Taiwan.


Now come introduce my 'life' over here.

The hotel we stayed in Taipei.

The MRT station that nearest with our hotel. Everyday have to come here to go anywhere we wish to go.

Have to go this way out.

Easy Card just like the Touch and Go we used here. U still can refund the money left if u want to.

Before back we went to eat Mos Burger again.

Miss Goh

Reached airport.

Can see our flight? The last third row.

My flight ticket

Waiting hall

Last photo session in Taiwan:(

Miss Goh

Miss Ng



We are going through platform A7.

Raining. Again.

Inside the airplane.

I love you gals!

When want go overseas trip again? I guess will be long long long time later..........................


Akira 思胜 said...

Wheer u want to go next time? Hehe, curious to know...

Yvonne said...

why u never hide me in ur luggage?
i wanna go and find all my lao-gong(s) also lah~~~

and all the food in the night market!
and mango ice~~

hhhmmmp...i hate you!
u make me jealous~~ T.T

how much is ur flight ticket for both way?
i checked on9, around RM1500~~
im so poor~~

leo said...

i oso lov taiwan's life..
i went taiwan alomost same time as u..but i follow tour many places i din went..
sure will go again next time..hehe./

crystal250886 said...

akira, erm..will be long long time later:P

crystal250886 said...

yvonne, must try taiwan manggo ice! it's super nice compare with here@.@

flight ticket ah..i booked jetstar 1..around SGD490..
cheaper than yours a bit lo..

which flight u checking?

crystal250886 said...

leo, if next time i still got chance to go tw again i want visit tainan!

no chance been to there this time@.@

Hugo Lim said...

omg i want MOS Burger arrrrrrrrr!!! envy envy

crystal250886 said...

hugo, u try MOS burger before?:)

xuanchew said...

I want to go Taiwan!!!