Saturday, July 19, 2008

Original Bubble Tea from Taiwan taste nicer.

The day before we back to Msia, we met up with these 2 nice friends again. I know I'm. But I still want to say thanks to YingHua and Tuck Fai. Thanks for bringing us go to so many place during our trip in Taiwan. To anyone who willing to go overseas backpack or on your own, u really must find some local friends to bring u around coz got some places is u won't find it on your research online:D

Before met up with them, we walk around ourselves first. First we went to Long Shan Temple that nearby our hotel. There's quite a lot of ppl go for pray that day. I think it's pretty 'useful' for praying there:p

Go breakfast cafe again before go to temple.

Long Shan Temple

So hot?

Miss Ng


Got a counter is set up especially to 'jie qian'.

After that we went to Xi Men Ding for visiting Hong Lou Theater.


Downstair got sell some souvenir.

Me with Mr. Eyeball

Miss Goh with him

Miss Ng with him

Eyeball chair?!@.@

Taipei Film Festival from 20th of June till 6th of July

Finally met up lastly with Tuck Fai and Ying Hua. Coz Ying Hua had to back Tainan after met up with us, so we went to a bubble tea cafe for chit chatting. Of coz need to take photo with them lo.

Miss Ng, me and Tuck Fai

Tuck Fai, Miss Goh and Ying Hua

Miss Ng and Ying Hua

me and Ying Hua

Miss Ng and me

Miss Ng and Miss Goh

Tuck Fai and me

The future movie director

Them again

Around evening time, we separated with Ying Hua and went to JiuFen.............................

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