Friday, May 29, 2009

Going back.

YES I going back JB later! Now waiting Jason come fetch me in office..

I just can't wait to back JB. Can't wait to see my parents. Cant wait to see my ah-yi from Sg. Can't wait to enjoy nice times with my family.. And Diong JY get to back JB this time! It's his first time to JB and guess he will be damn popular in my families:D:D

Oops it's gonna be 6.30pm. I think he's coming. That fella forgot to charge his hp so I gonna carry heavy luggage go downstair wait for him! Oh ya I want mention about my company new STUPID POLICY. But allow me to do it in next post:p

Ciaoz! Happy Weekend everyone! :D:D:D:D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fitting Room Hurray!

We love fitting room, I believe we are. Especially those can fit in 2 and more ppl 1:p

U surely can feel it in my photos below:D


U see we can laugh like nobody care.


JessicaDarling and me


Camwhore Camwhore Camwhore

Yes I bought that dress*Happy*

Wahahahaha I want end with my camhore photos again! This time u can't escape from this:P

Friday, May 22, 2009

I love you both!

Finally I finish wording all my photos! Hohohoho!

Last 2 weeks me and my ConnieDear and JessicaDarling went for outingz! We went to sg wang and hightea in Pavillion! Seriously I know we enjoyed it much although our purse burst like hell..!! HAHA

We really shop a lot u know. Don't think we over exagerated but we really done! We chit chat a lot, shop a lot, walk a lot, try a lot! Girls outingz is always the BEST for me :D:D

But u see, shopping is important! But so do camwhore session! Hehe. Of course, shopping time u don't expect me to shoot. But we can do it during hightea session!

See I tell you we really shop a lot! *Well half of the bags on JessicaDarling's hand is belong to ConnieDear! See I so good help u clarify:p*

Me and JessicaDarling

Me and ConnieDear

Both my loves

Yes I love her!

So do this one who pouring hot water:p

Us again.

U see we loved each other:D:D

Before I tell u more about our FITTING ROOM SESSION in the next, shall we see some of my camwhore? Ok well u can just close this window if u dun want to see. Wahahaha!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

short short short words.

YES! Hie everyone. Ok why i greeting myself here? *lame*

Ooh stop it. Seriously I wish to update my outingz with Partners in Crime *as credited by Jessica Dear. She named it:p*

But I just not able to finish wording my photos. Yes I usually put some words on the photos I going to blog about using Luna Editor Online. But the site keep bringing me problem in putting words in. Arrrrgggghhhh

Anyway if u noticed the time I'm updating now, it's 10pm++!! Seriously this is not a scheduled post but I'm posting in LIVE! Yes I had already get my Celcom broadband last 2 weeks. And seriously it's satisfied me quite well with the smooth speed and the most important thing is I can download drama..!!! See! I always think that broadband only allow me to surf net, update blog, on my facebook or MAYBE can download songs.. But see..!!! I CAN DOWNLOAD DRAMA!!! OMG OMG OMG

Ok I just simply feeling excited about my lovely celcom broadband. HAHA. So whoever still considering whether which broadband among Maxis, Celcom, P1 or even Digi u should take, seriously consider Celcom! Strongly recommend *Celcom paid me advertising fees please!:p*

Recently I got nothing special to do with. Everyday just enjoying reading ppl's blog, online shopping, reading some beauty info from websites, sometimes trying to blogging as well.. Erm I really LOVE blogging but sometimes something just don't allow me to blog. Like the Luna Editor for me to edit photo.. Like playing RC in facebook.. Like watching youtube.. I just seems like busying with other things instead of blogging, oh I'm a bad blogger. Update really random. Aikss

Btw my weekend not going to be empty and bad! I going to my sister's house and see that si xiao hai! Yes he's Diong Jeen Yng, my nephew, Corrine's son, my dad's grandson.. Ok stop me being stupid here=)) YES I going to Setia Alam this weekend and look at this si xiao hai! Corrine felt very furious of me calling his son like that! HAHA. But the mouth and brain are mines, u can't stop me! Wahahahahaaha

Ok I simply getting crazy here. Some might be due to continuosly facing this kind of housemates. Errrrr I think I should stop keep complaining about my boring housemates. Although I know they won't even read my blog! HAHA. Oh they might well see I keep writing something here and know I own a blog...Shit forget it then!

Blek wish everyone have a great weekend! And I know next weekend it's going to be fun coz I'm going back JB with Corrine and Jason! And that si xiao hai! Haha. This is the first time he went back and I believe he will make great sounds there:D:D:D

*waiting waiting........

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love him! This is the only sentence I can say when I upload these photos! There's no other baby adorable than him anyway. (Okie don't talk about those model baby, seriously I think JY can be one of them. Heeeeeee)

Photos and photos and photos. I think he will shocked when he read my blog, of course it's have to wait until he grown up:p

chubby betul.

one eye big one eye small. he like to do that @.@

u so scare ah-yi hold u mer? >.< what what what?



Monday, May 11, 2009

Sitiawan Short Weekend

Last 2 weeks, Daddy and Mummy purposely came to KL for.. Erm.. They said is coming visit us and Jason's Dad(He just been stung by bees in the small jungle in their kampung@.@). But whosoover also know he came for his dear grandson-JYDiong la..!!! Still need to say 1 mer.. :p

But this post I not going to post about his series first. Blek :D

TheFamous Lo-Laksa

TheFamous Normal-Asam Laksa

ABC Ice Kacang. I hate corns on top of that.

And the superduper yummy Cendol! *Drooling*

Ok la dun got babies photos but got ours:p

Siao ChaBorS(This is not us)

Me and Corrine

Me and Dear Mummy

Me and Dear Daddy

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shu Eumura nice!

I love this serious serious seriously!!! It gives me much convinience and it reduce my complicated works of removing and cleansing! Hoho.

But it costs me a bomb@.@

Friday, May 8, 2009


Yes today is Friday and we went to TGIF some day before.. Erm.. I forgot the exactly date:p

That day Miss Womanbestie Vian came to KL for short meeting. And she able to meet up with us! :D

And we spend all Saturday day and night together with bunch of friends:) And I dump my colleagues over for clubbing u know! Faster say thanks to me Miss Vian:p

I just able to take photos with girls that day..

With Yvonne

With Jessica Darling

With the womanbestie Vian

Still got WaiSeng and Steven came along. Bryan and Pink joined us for dinner and drinking session after that. And we drink HoeGarden at Jaya One! It's nice! Jom let's go again :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RM1 Chicken

Cheap things not always equal to bad quality!

I've tried the 'yat man kei' (RM1 for the chicken) in Dragon-I. Not bad eat wehhh

Siew Long Bao! *My favourite always*

Ta-Da! This is the yat man kei. Nice ler~

My always always favourite in Dragon-I! Ngau lam Mee

Choon Yuen's. Not really nice in both physical and 'mental' :p

Theirs. Pai-Kut with SiChuan Noodle.