Friday, May 22, 2009

I love you both!

Finally I finish wording all my photos! Hohohoho!

Last 2 weeks me and my ConnieDear and JessicaDarling went for outingz! We went to sg wang and hightea in Pavillion! Seriously I know we enjoyed it much although our purse burst like hell..!! HAHA

We really shop a lot u know. Don't think we over exagerated but we really done! We chit chat a lot, shop a lot, walk a lot, try a lot! Girls outingz is always the BEST for me :D:D

But u see, shopping is important! But so do camwhore session! Hehe. Of course, shopping time u don't expect me to shoot. But we can do it during hightea session!

See I tell you we really shop a lot! *Well half of the bags on JessicaDarling's hand is belong to ConnieDear! See I so good help u clarify:p*

Me and JessicaDarling

Me and ConnieDear

Both my loves

Yes I love her!

So do this one who pouring hot water:p

Us again.

U see we loved each other:D:D

Before I tell u more about our FITTING ROOM SESSION in the next, shall we see some of my camwhore? Ok well u can just close this window if u dun want to see. Wahahaha!


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haha nice pics! =D