Thursday, May 21, 2009

short short short words.

YES! Hie everyone. Ok why i greeting myself here? *lame*

Ooh stop it. Seriously I wish to update my outingz with Partners in Crime *as credited by Jessica Dear. She named it:p*

But I just not able to finish wording my photos. Yes I usually put some words on the photos I going to blog about using Luna Editor Online. But the site keep bringing me problem in putting words in. Arrrrgggghhhh

Anyway if u noticed the time I'm updating now, it's 10pm++!! Seriously this is not a scheduled post but I'm posting in LIVE! Yes I had already get my Celcom broadband last 2 weeks. And seriously it's satisfied me quite well with the smooth speed and the most important thing is I can download drama..!!! See! I always think that broadband only allow me to surf net, update blog, on my facebook or MAYBE can download songs.. But see..!!! I CAN DOWNLOAD DRAMA!!! OMG OMG OMG

Ok I just simply feeling excited about my lovely celcom broadband. HAHA. So whoever still considering whether which broadband among Maxis, Celcom, P1 or even Digi u should take, seriously consider Celcom! Strongly recommend *Celcom paid me advertising fees please!:p*

Recently I got nothing special to do with. Everyday just enjoying reading ppl's blog, online shopping, reading some beauty info from websites, sometimes trying to blogging as well.. Erm I really LOVE blogging but sometimes something just don't allow me to blog. Like the Luna Editor for me to edit photo.. Like playing RC in facebook.. Like watching youtube.. I just seems like busying with other things instead of blogging, oh I'm a bad blogger. Update really random. Aikss

Btw my weekend not going to be empty and bad! I going to my sister's house and see that si xiao hai! Yes he's Diong Jeen Yng, my nephew, Corrine's son, my dad's grandson.. Ok stop me being stupid here=)) YES I going to Setia Alam this weekend and look at this si xiao hai! Corrine felt very furious of me calling his son like that! HAHA. But the mouth and brain are mines, u can't stop me! Wahahahahaaha

Ok I simply getting crazy here. Some might be due to continuosly facing this kind of housemates. Errrrr I think I should stop keep complaining about my boring housemates. Although I know they won't even read my blog! HAHA. Oh they might well see I keep writing something here and know I own a blog...Shit forget it then!

Blek wish everyone have a great weekend! And I know next weekend it's going to be fun coz I'm going back JB with Corrine and Jason! And that si xiao hai! Haha. This is the first time he went back and I believe he will make great sounds there:D:D:D

*waiting waiting........