Friday, May 30, 2008


I think my update is getting boring and boring. It's lacks of photos and interesting stuffs and funny thingy. All this LACK make my blog just like a bored city.

Well, don't really have to care about it I think. Here is just a place for me to express myself perfectly and I know my friend will revisit here periodically. Maybe no for those random visitor as I'm a bad blogger:P

My final was just end last Saturday. And this should be my last paper session in my life. I shouldn't have any other exam paper anymore I think. Feeling so realeased as what I'm doing now. Watching drama. Eating almost every 3 hours. Sleep till wake up as my own wish. No exam pressure but work. I haven't found myself a job. Oh gosh. But yet I'm enjoying my short relax life here.

Last Wednesday I went for my driving test. It's turn out a bad result. I feel so ashamed about it till even not dare to reveal that in my blog. Was once so depressed about my stupidness. So why I'm willing being here for told all this now? It's all because I had passed it 2 days ago. It's Friday now so it's Wednesday happening. I'm not quite proud of it as I feel it's all due to the kindness of the woman who test me out. Thanks anyway:)

With holding not-yet-P-license+GossipGirl XOXO, I seriously have another thing bothering me. It is my serious heavy missing. Missing everyone friend out there. My secondary schoolmate as I not yet able to meet anyone of them since I come back, My UNImate as there will be rare chance for us to meet after graduate, My A05-02 in Ixora and 05-06 in University Apartment as there were my spot for allowing me to cry and laugh, My MMU campus as it gave me the most precious life as most ppl looking forward for having real uni life and I do have.

My zimui, my BFF, my hengdai, my bestie, my oh my, everyone that belong to mine, where are you guys? I seriously missing u out there and do free to give me a call or SMS or.....find me for outing it's best. I will do spend my time with u whoever u are.

I desired for many things. Road trip, Taiwan travel, nice food hunting, hightea in cozy cafe, shopping till drop, outing with lotcha chitchat, nonstop drama marathon. Am I looking too much? All I can do now maybe just online shopping. And I done too much of it this few weeks.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gossip XOXO.

I'm on Gossip Girl!! Finally I'm on this way.

Chace Crawford is so cute and Blake Lively is so gorgeous!
I'm going to addicted to it on PPFilm:p

Pray for me for tomorrow whoever read this. Thanks:*

Friday, May 23, 2008


You accepted me.
A girl that put her love in her life on you.

I had paid so much my loving to you.

When I thought I finally get something striving so much........

I was just unable to feel the moment.
Coz I just die of sudden.

I thought happiness start to fall on me but I just die.

The fears hitting me unstoppable........

A dream that woke me up on 5.08am.
I cry in continue.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

stress, nervous, excited, unseparable.

3 more papers to go. Preparation progress slow.

Next Wednesday. I'm kan-cheong not because of final but this.
Only hope I remember to go left more side when doing side parking
know how to control steering when on the main road.

Taiwan trip back. Air ticket booked and it's cheap!:D
Worth and hope great.

Times in Malacca going to end. Less than 1 week.
Definitely I will miss my housemates, friends, daily housemate dinner, and yumcha.

Don't so complicated can ah?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

so accurate.

I'm so shocked about this. A detailed description of horoscope Virgo's character in Denise's blog.

Everytime I read about something talking about Virgo, I definitely feel disagree with it. As much of my friend feel I'm a totally-different-Virgo.

After read the long long post, I found that all the Virgo characteristics are in my inner part. It's hard to realize by someone unless you are extreme observable.

It's shocked me coz it is super duper extreme very very very accurate.

Hmm, unless for this part la - 喜欢小动物,富有爱心。

I'm not I admit. I don't like small animal even puppy or kitten. I dare to catch any cockroaches or bugs or any weird insects.

If not read, I do not know I am super Virgo!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

exactly 2 weeks.

Oohh my blog is dumb. Want to update something but I seems should utilize the times to study. Final exam approaching. I'm extremely stressed about it as this will be my last final exam in my life and it decide whether I can graduate on time or not............Ok. Stop this sensitive issue. But even though how I'm stress I still continuing proceed with my youtube-ing. Piak me please@.@

Stress stress stress rash of stress come nearer to me. 5 papers waiting me to be done and limitless of words waiting me to memorize. My brain just that size I'm just doubt could I done it well. I'm not allowing any INCIDENT to happen on this exam.

Because of this exam I'm not able to participate my dear daddy's first-yet-only-retirement-ceremony. How sad it is. This is my daddy's once appreciated stuff. But I'm out of it. He not blaming me but I'm blaming myself:((

And my overseas graduation trip gone. Still can remember since the year Alpha we entered MMU, we already planning for the Taiwan graduation trip. Now, ok bye to Taiwan. Hmm, may I go by myself? I know my dear daddy won't allow for that. Why everything so sad recently?=.=lll

Another sad thing. Today is I Love Mummy's Day. But I can't accompany and celebrate it with my mummy!! Due to this 5 papers again. WTF

But still, Happy I Love Mummy's Day to my dear Mummy. Love u so much.................

2 more weeks from now I will be leaving Malacca. A place that giving me a lot of nice memory though. Definitely I will be revisit here after I graduate. Sometimes...future.

It's time to buried myself into notes and youtube again. Ciaoz:D

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Finally I have my first of the collection.
But I almost finish it too@.@

'月老-The God of Love' of 九把刀-Giddens

Monday, May 5, 2008

new idea about porridge.

Last week I went to a new restaurant with my parents. It's located in Taman Sutera which had a lot of newly open cafe and restaurant. This is a porridge restaurant which u can have free flow of porridge with only RM1 per head.

Goh Zha Lang Restaurant Porridge

Quite lot of people.

Waiters and waitress are friendly:)

A plate of steam peanut will be served before meal.

RM1 for porridge free flow and lot of dishes choices available with reasonable price.

There are three types.
Plain Porridge, Sweet Potato Porridge and Plain Rice.
But harlo, this is porridge restaurant, don't order rice la:P

Long Bean Fried Spicy

Mixed Three Claypot


It's satisfied me that kind of person that not really like to eat porridge unless I get sick:)

Free dessert served. That day is red bean soup.

I would like to have the next:D

Saturday, May 3, 2008

new favourite.

Thanks for Audrey's recommendation.

This will be my new favourite in the days left staying in Malacca:D