Sunday, May 18, 2008

stress, nervous, excited, unseparable.

3 more papers to go. Preparation progress slow.

Next Wednesday. I'm kan-cheong not because of final but this.
Only hope I remember to go left more side when doing side parking
know how to control steering when on the main road.

Taiwan trip back. Air ticket booked and it's cheap!:D
Worth and hope great.

Times in Malacca going to end. Less than 1 week.
Definitely I will miss my housemates, friends, daily housemate dinner, and yumcha.

Don't so complicated can ah?


Akira 思胜 said...

Still got papers to go? Dont be nervous ya... Gambatte kudasai!!!

crystal250886 said...

still got..i'm so stress with it..
but i nervous not because of paper but another test:P

Xer said...

Gd luck for ur papers!! :D

Jessica said...

dun stress dun stress..
just do your best, ok?
don't be so gloomy and disappointed. practice makes perfect and you can master it easily after then. try again next time. ^^ be confident!

all the best in ur final paper..didn't see u online lately. sadly, i have to say road trip is canceled. @_@

hav fun in ur Taiwan trip~ ^_^

xoxo, jess

crystal250886 said...

Xerene, thanks i'm now in holidays already!!:D