Friday, May 30, 2008


I think my update is getting boring and boring. It's lacks of photos and interesting stuffs and funny thingy. All this LACK make my blog just like a bored city.

Well, don't really have to care about it I think. Here is just a place for me to express myself perfectly and I know my friend will revisit here periodically. Maybe no for those random visitor as I'm a bad blogger:P

My final was just end last Saturday. And this should be my last paper session in my life. I shouldn't have any other exam paper anymore I think. Feeling so realeased as what I'm doing now. Watching drama. Eating almost every 3 hours. Sleep till wake up as my own wish. No exam pressure but work. I haven't found myself a job. Oh gosh. But yet I'm enjoying my short relax life here.

Last Wednesday I went for my driving test. It's turn out a bad result. I feel so ashamed about it till even not dare to reveal that in my blog. Was once so depressed about my stupidness. So why I'm willing being here for told all this now? It's all because I had passed it 2 days ago. It's Friday now so it's Wednesday happening. I'm not quite proud of it as I feel it's all due to the kindness of the woman who test me out. Thanks anyway:)

With holding not-yet-P-license+GossipGirl XOXO, I seriously have another thing bothering me. It is my serious heavy missing. Missing everyone friend out there. My secondary schoolmate as I not yet able to meet anyone of them since I come back, My UNImate as there will be rare chance for us to meet after graduate, My A05-02 in Ixora and 05-06 in University Apartment as there were my spot for allowing me to cry and laugh, My MMU campus as it gave me the most precious life as most ppl looking forward for having real uni life and I do have.

My zimui, my BFF, my hengdai, my bestie, my oh my, everyone that belong to mine, where are you guys? I seriously missing u out there and do free to give me a call or SMS or.....find me for outing it's best. I will do spend my time with u whoever u are.

I desired for many things. Road trip, Taiwan travel, nice food hunting, hightea in cozy cafe, shopping till drop, outing with lotcha chitchat, nonstop drama marathon. Am I looking too much? All I can do now maybe just online shopping. And I done too much of it this few weeks.


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