Monday, June 23, 2008

taiwan days.

Don't thought I'm now in Taiwan updating my blog here. Haha. This is the most useful tools blogger have.


First day in taiwan we arrive at taipei taoyuan airport. MRT will be the usable transport ways for us to travel here. So map is what we need!

Today will be going taitung for one day. I want go Ri Yue Tan! As what I saw in taiwanese drama. Hoho~

Tomorrow will go to tainan meeting Miss Ng's Taiwanese friend. A beautiful indeed. Digi cam brought so don't worry about the photo part of my updates later! Keke~


Sunday, June 22, 2008

singapore airport-ing.

Yippie! in Singapore airport now. Check in already now still got 1 more hours for boarding. My travel-mates now all beside me updating their blog!! wahahaha~

Everyone dun miss me there. Some of you will get your souvenir if I'm able to get in Taiwan.

Fresh new experience for going abroad trip with friends. Excited yet sleepy@.@

I will be sleep all the way in the plane. Don't wake me up please as I'm getting dizzy and maybe vomitting if serious:P

Dare not eat too much before boarding. Last time before depart to Korea I ate Burger King. Then vomit all the way to there. Arrgghhh!

Happy Taiwan trip to us!
Miss Goh and Miss Ng~

Let's go!

day before taiwan.

12.44am now. 12 more hours I will be on board. On the way to Taiwan. Since 5 years ago I took flight abroad to Korea, I never been on flight for this past 5 years.

Don't laugh me for being sua-ku@.@

I just finish packed my stuffs bringing to tw tomorrow. Did I left something behind? I wondering as I'm totally a blur queen...........................................

Hopefully I able to make my graduation-3 person-tw trip success! Hope my MRT routine won't got any problems. If got.............WE FLEXIBLE 1 MAH!!:P

Bye everyone! Wish me shop till drop!:D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Give me some excitedness.

The day after tomorrow I will catch my flight and go for my first ever Taiwan trip. But how come I lost all my excite feeling? Maybe it's drag too long time or maybe it's took too much preparation works before I go? I just a lazy bum and I had rarely been so hardworking on something.

Airflight booking, Passport renewing, Hotel booking, Trip planning, Currency exchanging, Clothes packing, Daily accessories filling, Medical tablets bringing.....................................

I thought going overseas trip is just simple and relax? How come so many things need to bother? Maybe it's the price to customize the trip ourselves. Hope our efforts won't be wasted with having an enjoyable trip there!:D

I've been sent my resume to many companies through Jobstreet. I thought I won't get any reply from there as there are so many people applying job everyday. But just within two days I've received 4-5 calls for calling me for interview. Too bad they all asking the second day when they called me, but I'm currently in JB hard to go KL within so short times. 

Somemore I going to the trip!! So just talk the JOB to me after my trip. Keke~

After planning for the tourist spot, I think now is the time for me to plan for my shopping target and food spot! Anything want me bring back from tw to u?:P

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dream of you.

I've been dream of u continuously few days ah-po(my grandma).
So I went to visit u that day. I seems never really went there after funeral.
Miss you so much:)

random JB life.

My photos for this entry were so so so so random. Please forgive me for the lack of update as my life here really damn boring.

woke up
read newspaper
online surfing
watch astro/dvd
family moments

Tell me who else life will bored than me???? So sorry for the lack of update. I just feel so lazy to sign in blogger as I got nothing to update, with some kind of guilty.

Only food make my day now:D

Kuey Tiao Kia as breakfast.
Wallet from us to Dear Daddy.

Chu Cheong Fun in TUTA.

Online shop of bagsssssss from Cardia.
Hightea with parents.

Fishball Noodle nice!

International Buffet in Taman Merdeka.

Homecook Dishes

Homemade Steamboat!

my only hobby currently.

After back to JB, I've been slacking till now. Know what my new hobby now?

Here is the evidence=))

Ikan Bakar beside Stulang beach.
Dimsum in TUTA. With my favourite Da Bao.

Abalone Kuey Tiao in TUTA too.

Pizza Hut Delivery:p
Coz my parents away to China so...nothing to eat. That is the time DELIVERY useful:D

Braised Duck Rice in TUTA. My favourite all the time.

Beef Noodle in Sek Tak Fook.

All of this can be your food guide when u come to JB. And luckily all of this I know how to go. Can bring anyone of u go if u come find me in JB:p

More coming I think?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Move move move.

I've been packed my stuffs in Malacca house for quite few days. But I always last minute la. Everyone busy packing started from many many days before but I only started few days before I moved. Can't blame me please I'm having final paper till the last day of exam week leh.@.@

This is after I move them from my dad's car to my JB home. I used 2 days to unpack it ok=.=lllllll

It's just the half room of Ixora. I just can't believe I can put in so many things during this 2 years staying there. Haha:p

On the way back JB. We stopped by YongPeng for famous fishball noodle:)

Many ppl said this restaurant nice.



Thai style taufu. I like it!

Suddenly miss the road trip plan. Although at the end we unable to complete it:(

Last Outingz in Malacca.

I've been leave Malacca for almost a month. Quite miss it actually. Maybe I'm too bored at home. Aikssssss

Well, the night before I move back to JB, I got the chance to out with WanYin and PeiYun. A place that every tourist define it as a MUST to go when visit Malacca. But seriously I've been living here for 4 years, not more than 10 times I went there:p

Jonker Street.

A MUST of cendol with sweet sweet gula melaka.

A MUST of asam laksa. Although I prefer nyonya laksa.

After meal and walk. Heineken represent everything.

Miss everything but here welcome my life in JB=)

Monday, June 2, 2008

10000000000 Muacks.

Happy Birthday Dear Daddy.

You've been put in much effort in bring me up. Teach me whatever thing that you feel it's right. Give me all the love that I need.

It's time for u to take a rest. And finally you no need to take 45 mins drive for went to work. It's time for u to build your dreaming little waterfall:D

I love you always:*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

maybe it's too late.

Too late for telling something about my last study week? Here I am:)

It definitely on my exam week. But we are here for cake. Secret Recipe:D

We are here with notes, plus cake.

WanYin. She's with her iced caramel macchiato.

PeiYun. She's with her notes of course.

SiawYin. She's with...WanYin's hp as she not able to use hers without a usable charger.

Study week desk? With notes and lappie on and Jetstar flight details?:P

Again this fully occupied my time during last 2 weeks.

My last paper with my last used exam slip with my ID inside the last exam venue.

This accompany lotz of dinner time during that:)

Maybe some times later I will miss my exam period. But definitely not now!
I just want BEACH now.