Monday, June 23, 2008

taiwan days.

Don't thought I'm now in Taiwan updating my blog here. Haha. This is the most useful tools blogger have.


First day in taiwan we arrive at taipei taoyuan airport. MRT will be the usable transport ways for us to travel here. So map is what we need!

Today will be going taitung for one day. I want go Ri Yue Tan! As what I saw in taiwanese drama. Hoho~

Tomorrow will go to tainan meeting Miss Ng's Taiwanese friend. A beautiful indeed. Digi cam brought so don't worry about the photo part of my updates later! Keke~



Akira 思胜 said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip at Taiwan ya...

Xer said...

Hellow Crystal, how are u? :)

I guess Taiwan is really fun eh. i went there last Dec, to Ri Yue Tan oso, nice nice place.. enjoyed the whole trip. Look fwd to ur post on the pics! :)

dead tired said...

hey crystal, where are you.. lacking of update already!

Do post your photos soon!-xiaoxue

crystal250886 said...

akira, i'm back!:D

crystal250886 said...

Xerene, i'm had enjoyable taiwan trip! hehe..
dunno u come to visit my updates already or not:p

crystal250886 said...

xiaoxue, i've been updated!:D