Friday, June 20, 2008

Give me some excitedness.

The day after tomorrow I will catch my flight and go for my first ever Taiwan trip. But how come I lost all my excite feeling? Maybe it's drag too long time or maybe it's took too much preparation works before I go? I just a lazy bum and I had rarely been so hardworking on something.

Airflight booking, Passport renewing, Hotel booking, Trip planning, Currency exchanging, Clothes packing, Daily accessories filling, Medical tablets bringing.....................................

I thought going overseas trip is just simple and relax? How come so many things need to bother? Maybe it's the price to customize the trip ourselves. Hope our efforts won't be wasted with having an enjoyable trip there!:D

I've been sent my resume to many companies through Jobstreet. I thought I won't get any reply from there as there are so many people applying job everyday. But just within two days I've received 4-5 calls for calling me for interview. Too bad they all asking the second day when they called me, but I'm currently in JB hard to go KL within so short times. 

Somemore I going to the trip!! So just talk the JOB to me after my trip. Keke~

After planning for the tourist spot, I think now is the time for me to plan for my shopping target and food spot! Anything want me bring back from tw to u?:P


:: yvonne :: said...

u muz enjoy ur trip ya~~~~ ^^ and take many many photosssssssssssss o~~~~ Can i get a little souvenir from tw? Hahaaa~

crystal250886 said...

if we able to meet sure i get for u:)

BeverLy's Secret said...

Taiwan~~ Awesome!!
Bring us some skincare, especially whitening products...

They have loads of affordable fashion stuffs too!!

Enjoy to the fullest!!! Safe journey ya!!

crystal250886 said...

thanks a lot beverly!
give me your address i will post u some:p