Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Move move move.

I've been packed my stuffs in Malacca house for quite few days. But I always last minute la. Everyone busy packing started from many many days before but I only started few days before I moved. Can't blame me please I'm having final paper till the last day of exam week leh.@.@

This is after I move them from my dad's car to my JB home. I used 2 days to unpack it ok=.=lllllll

It's just the half room of Ixora. I just can't believe I can put in so many things during this 2 years staying there. Haha:p

On the way back JB. We stopped by YongPeng for famous fishball noodle:)

Many ppl said this restaurant nice.



Thai style taufu. I like it!

Suddenly miss the road trip plan. Although at the end we unable to complete it:(

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