Thursday, June 19, 2008

my only hobby currently.

After back to JB, I've been slacking till now. Know what my new hobby now?

Here is the evidence=))

Ikan Bakar beside Stulang beach.
Dimsum in TUTA. With my favourite Da Bao.

Abalone Kuey Tiao in TUTA too.

Pizza Hut Delivery:p
Coz my parents away to China so...nothing to eat. That is the time DELIVERY useful:D

Braised Duck Rice in TUTA. My favourite all the time.

Beef Noodle in Sek Tak Fook.

All of this can be your food guide when u come to JB. And luckily all of this I know how to go. Can bring anyone of u go if u come find me in JB:p

More coming I think?


BeverLy's Secret said...

Ohh~~ That's your new hobby?

M'sia foods is really Yummy, I guess your hobby is everyone's hobby too!

crystal250886 said...

coz other than keep eating nothing else i can do now:))