Sunday, June 1, 2008

maybe it's too late.

Too late for telling something about my last study week? Here I am:)

It definitely on my exam week. But we are here for cake. Secret Recipe:D

We are here with notes, plus cake.

WanYin. She's with her iced caramel macchiato.

PeiYun. She's with her notes of course.

SiawYin. She's with...WanYin's hp as she not able to use hers without a usable charger.

Study week desk? With notes and lappie on and Jetstar flight details?:P

Again this fully occupied my time during last 2 weeks.

My last paper with my last used exam slip with my ID inside the last exam venue.

This accompany lotz of dinner time during that:)

Maybe some times later I will miss my exam period. But definitely not now!
I just want BEACH now.


vialentino said...

good luck in ur exam...

alvincheng said...

Hihi, good question! I can see your MMU ID. hehe

For your information,
now I have 3 site:

My blog

Other stuff

Chinese Articles

To make everything simple, u can just drop by to any of my blog and choose the categories u are interested with and it will bring you directly to what you want to read. It's that sound simple? Sorry for the inconvenient. I know it is quite messy during renovation in progress.

So is your choice, u can either link it or just go any where then choose the categories you like. Really sorry for the inconvenient. Coz some of my friends cant read Chinese. And they requests me to separate the blog, as they see majority is Chinese in one blog.