Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm in Corrine's house. And I just back from Sitiawan for visiting the baby. My dear JY grow up so much! After few weeks I din see him, he become cuter and eye bigger! Hoho. I love him. Seriously. I dun like kids but I love him. Dunno when only I can listen calling me ah-yi, ok well, not yi-ma, i don't want @.@

I found out recently my blog is just full of photos but less of words. Maybe I feel that only photos can become the way for me to memorize the outingz with friends, or even something I bought, somewhere I went. Coz words just can't express too much, I found. They just can't. Really. So my blog coming will be full of photos rather than words.

Sometimes, words just can't fully express my feeling. Sometimes I just can't say it out, I just can't tell anyone. Not I don't want to share out is I don't know how to do that. I'm being rather inexpressive but I wishing somebody can understand me. Ok I know I just dreaming. People just can't understand me if I not telling, but is there somebody out there can understand without my words? Ooohhhh it just no answer..

Recently I love reading. It filled my times and reduce my times for thinking too much. It had been my weak point as thinking too much bringing too much negative feelings. So I rather choose to fill in my times with reading, chatting, outingz with friends or other bla bla. I just can't continuously let negative feelings pump in my head without any way to solve them. I don't want.

Daddy and Mummy going back JB tomorrow. Corrine and Jason going Krabi tomorrow. I going back Kelana Jaya tomorrow. Monday will be a hectic day to me as I probably get to sleep on my lovely bed with lovely pillow on 12am. Oh my god now I just wish to faint when I think about it.

Ok ignore my post. I just talking nothing here. I getting crazy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Korean Daorae People!

Now continue with the people!

Yeah I LOVE yellow lighting!:D

Me and Yvonne

What happened to Mr. WaiSeng??

The guys. Mr. WaiSeng's colleague. He's damn funny and friendly:)


Cindy(She's pretty:), me and Yvonne

Okie don't overcited when taking photo with lengluiSS :D

*All photos credited to Yvonne*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Korean Daorae!

Yes I love korean food! Yes I love kimchi!

*Smile! Say kimchi!* Ok I'm lame@.@

My camera is lack of battery that day so I just able to take food photos.

I always like their chopsticks and spoon. Although the chopsticks are bloody hard to use =.=lll


Round table I prefer:)

This tea is sux!

Kind of instruction for the pot but in Korean how they expect us to understand?

This is the thing!



Lettuce, sauce and chilis :D Don't doubt me I'm telling u that that chili is damn nice! :)

Kind of miso soup


this photo make me wish to go again..!!!!!!

U know why it's look so bright? Coz I catch Mr WaiSeng's flash when he's taking photo:p

pengkang again

My favourite among all..!!! *Kimchi Soup*

pengkang again and again:p

FYI, I feel the NZX branch is lousier. So if can, don't go there:p

Friday, April 10, 2009


I received a suprise after I wrote the WONDER post..................










and this

made up this!!!!!!

I received this in office somemore! And that make me can't take public transport back home that day due to the big-ness of flower bunch@.@~

Muackssss!! Thanks My Dear Corrine:D

Okie when I told ppl who saw this bouquet nobody believes it's from my sister, and that is what my sister's intention too@.@

Okk well as what u want to think then:p

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Korea Pressieeeeeee

Thanks Mummy bringing my pressie from Korea. And thanks for the interesting story u both met during your trip:D

Too bad u din bring back Corrine's Goo Joon Pyo:p

Friday, April 3, 2009

say something.

Just wish to say something here, although I not really know what to say.

This post will be full of bullshit and no photo will be attached. So if u lazy to read words please click the 'X' on right top corner@.@

Recently I just feeling..not so good. Coz everything around me is seems just happened not as my wish. Many many things.

Wondering why I'm lack of motivation to take photo as previously I just camwhocrazy.
Wondering why I need always think of the way to go somewhere else.
Wondering why everyday I need to use 1 hour to get back home from office even though the distance is just 5 mins.
Wondering why Jessica Darling not updating her blog.
Wondering why I spent so lot lately.

Wondering why I must cook maggi mee so frequent.
Wondering why JeenYng become so fat.
Wondering why I just so addict in online shopping.
Wondering why I can don't even speak a single word to people who staying with me now.
Wondering why everyday I doing the same routine work in office.

Wondering why I can't get good pay.
Wondering why tky will like that kind of girl, oh no he tell me he LOVE her.
Wondering why I don't go sing part time in kinda cafe.
Wondering why Mr WaiSeng's blog is down.
Wondering why I'm surrounding by lot of 'xiao ren' in office.

Wondering why mummy and daddy coming on 21st of April instead of 1st of May.
Wondering why I can't load my pet society.
Wondering why my company HR dept like to bother lot of those small matter instead of important issues.
Wondering why I cannot eat my favourite chao har mee on the day I back JB.
Wondering why I got so many wonders??

OK don't bother me I just need something to enlighten me. OK I think my boss will suprisingly that I keep typing here continuosly for almost 10 mins and thought I working hardworking-ly here. HAHA