Friday, April 3, 2009

say something.

Just wish to say something here, although I not really know what to say.

This post will be full of bullshit and no photo will be attached. So if u lazy to read words please click the 'X' on right top corner@.@

Recently I just feeling..not so good. Coz everything around me is seems just happened not as my wish. Many many things.

Wondering why I'm lack of motivation to take photo as previously I just camwhocrazy.
Wondering why I need always think of the way to go somewhere else.
Wondering why everyday I need to use 1 hour to get back home from office even though the distance is just 5 mins.
Wondering why Jessica Darling not updating her blog.
Wondering why I spent so lot lately.

Wondering why I must cook maggi mee so frequent.
Wondering why JeenYng become so fat.
Wondering why I just so addict in online shopping.
Wondering why I can don't even speak a single word to people who staying with me now.
Wondering why everyday I doing the same routine work in office.

Wondering why I can't get good pay.
Wondering why tky will like that kind of girl, oh no he tell me he LOVE her.
Wondering why I don't go sing part time in kinda cafe.
Wondering why Mr WaiSeng's blog is down.
Wondering why I'm surrounding by lot of 'xiao ren' in office.

Wondering why mummy and daddy coming on 21st of April instead of 1st of May.
Wondering why I can't load my pet society.
Wondering why my company HR dept like to bother lot of those small matter instead of important issues.
Wondering why I cannot eat my favourite chao har mee on the day I back JB.
Wondering why I got so many wonders??

OK don't bother me I just need something to enlighten me. OK I think my boss will suprisingly that I keep typing here continuosly for almost 10 mins and thought I working hardworking-ly here. HAHA



黑妞的妈 said...

So happy to see DJY's name in your wondering post..wakaka...why so down oh..??

-ritchie- said...

u got so many wonder because ur life is wonder-ful.. hehe

Jessica said...

luckily i got one answer for one of your wondersssss...

because your jess darl still got a lot of photossss haven't process =.=
due to tarak time, lazy, slow and babi guling. hehe

ViaN said...

I also wondering the same thing as u. hahaha:D I even asked tky b4, but in fact, the girl looks good, nature and pretty compare with the previous one:D opppsss...

stay cool and focus to get away from those "xiao ren".

When is ur next trip to JB? so sorry, that day I forgot to text u back.

When u read this, sms me your company email address.. haha:D

crystal250886 said...

黑妞的妈, like that also can..


crystal250886 said...

ritchie,wonder will become wonderful?


crystal250886 said...

Jessica, thanks for solving my wonders!:p

crystal250886 said...

vian, really?? but that day i saw her in real she just look........

anyway it's his choice i will bless him:p

woman i reply your email but where is your reply?? hmmmpphhh