Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm in Corrine's house. And I just back from Sitiawan for visiting the baby. My dear JY grow up so much! After few weeks I din see him, he become cuter and eye bigger! Hoho. I love him. Seriously. I dun like kids but I love him. Dunno when only I can listen calling me ah-yi, ok well, not yi-ma, i don't want @.@

I found out recently my blog is just full of photos but less of words. Maybe I feel that only photos can become the way for me to memorize the outingz with friends, or even something I bought, somewhere I went. Coz words just can't express too much, I found. They just can't. Really. So my blog coming will be full of photos rather than words.

Sometimes, words just can't fully express my feeling. Sometimes I just can't say it out, I just can't tell anyone. Not I don't want to share out is I don't know how to do that. I'm being rather inexpressive but I wishing somebody can understand me. Ok I know I just dreaming. People just can't understand me if I not telling, but is there somebody out there can understand without my words? Ooohhhh it just no answer..

Recently I love reading. It filled my times and reduce my times for thinking too much. It had been my weak point as thinking too much bringing too much negative feelings. So I rather choose to fill in my times with reading, chatting, outingz with friends or other bla bla. I just can't continuously let negative feelings pump in my head without any way to solve them. I don't want.

Daddy and Mummy going back JB tomorrow. Corrine and Jason going Krabi tomorrow. I going back Kelana Jaya tomorrow. Monday will be a hectic day to me as I probably get to sleep on my lovely bed with lovely pillow on 12am. Oh my god now I just wish to faint when I think about it.

Ok ignore my post. I just talking nothing here. I getting crazy.