Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Aya Rileen.

Okie I choose this photo just because I simply like the top she wearing.

Okie I choose this photo because I want to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Okie I choose to wish her because we know each other although we are not so close before yet now.

Okie I choose to wish her here because she is now in far USA and I can't even send my greeting through any other way.

Okie I choose to wish her because I want her to feel my warm greeting even it's through this cold blog.

Okie there is no more because but HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!

*we don't take photo together b4 la............................=(

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yippie Yippie Yippie I love Mars!

Mars Mars Mars Mars.............................................

Buy me this chocolate next time if u want:D

Saturday, October 25, 2008


OMG I forgot about my dome post. Too many words I wish express lately. So please bear with my words post this weeks. Keke~

Ok la here come My Dome post.

After finish sing k we went to Dome for teatime. Just find some place to chit chat:)

Seriously I forgot those drinks' name:D



Jess Darl's and Steven's

Mr Busy's




Seriously I don't know this post should be consider food post or outingz post?=))

Friday, October 24, 2008

So wish to

Dear bbf,

After talked to you whole night, I told you I suddenly so wish to back JB right now. It's not because I so sam-pat wish to know which guy u talking about, it's all because I so blamed that I can't be your side when u facing problem. I know u need someone beside u, to give u advice to listen to u. When u told me your friends seems getting lesser and lesser, especially when problem exist, I feel so guilty. And there is one moment I'm so regret that I'm right now working in KL. I always wish everyone beside me can be happy always, 'Happy Always' not just some words but they are some wishes in my deep heart.

Dear bbf, please forgive that I'm not really by your side but I always willing to listen to you.

So do to every of my dear buddies and dear and darling:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

some conversation.

Doctor: Congratulation! Is a baby boy!

Corrine: Ooh he's a baby boy! Ok..

Jason: (Smile happily)

Dad: (Smile happily)

Me: (Smile happily)

Okie my nephew going to be a baby boy but I still going to buy him everything in PINK:D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Working Life Opinion

Seriously I understand why a lot of ppl like to complain a lot about their working life after back home. Always heard that some guy like to complain to their gf how's their boss accused them when they are not the one who wrong. Some girl like to complain to their bf how's their colleagues talked bad behind her.

Guys and girls, u need to always listen to your gf and bf. Coz the working life is not really as easy as we thought. We always meet someone so irritatable around there. Someone so don't-know-what-called-reason around them. Someone like to talk bad about others when they don't even know what happening. Someone like to accused others when they are the one who's wrong.

After back to home, it's always so important that someone listen to u. Even though u not giving any opinion, but at least someone willing to listen to u to talk some complaints, grumble, or thing else. U not even have to understand what happening but u just need to scold or complaint together with them.

I need this kind of person. Who can listen to me after I back from office. Listen to my grumbling or all those f*** thingy when I'm scolding someone. U no need to give any opinion or understand what i'm talking about just need to scold with me. HAHA

But I don't got=(

Luckily, I still got a lovely colleague who always scold together with me. Agree with me when I'm telling her someone was so unreasonable blaming me about the fault they made. Angry with me when I'm being accused. Laugh with me when I heard or saw something funny. Talk crap all the way when we are bored.

I don't know how to feel about my working life. Sometimes I enjoy it when I learn something I don't know at all in before. Sometimes I hate it when my boss like to call "Crystal, come help me............". Sometimes I feel lucky that MOST of my colleagues are friendly, although some not really. Sometimes I feel helpless when I being accused but nobody can prove to me that I'm not the one who wrong.

Things change. People change. Heart changing too.

I just wish to enjoy my life now. Enjoy everything I have now. Enjoy the moment I'm being alone at home reading the fiction whole day. Enjoy the moment of outingz with my dear friends and buddies. Enjoy the moment when I sometimes get to meet Corrine in weekends. Enjoy the moment when I talk at least half or 1 hour phone with my parents.

But sometimes, in my deep heart..I wish..that I can no need to be so tough, somebody's shoulder can borrow to me, somebody willing to give me a big hug.

I just wish these..sometimes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cheong K!

Oh my after wait for so long time the cheong k session (Jess know this:P), we finally date for sing k session! Yippie~ Although I wish to go Delicious more.. But seriously not for 1Utama that one. Not so nice laaaaa=.=lll

So happy going to meet u guys!:D (eye swollen like hell@.@)

Mr WaiSeng is busy with his babe:P

Waiting area

This is all we need in this session~

Sorry only both of us reached at first so he is my only model. Hmm, he not satisfied with what he taken?



Mr Busy's babe

Ooi i want natural..~ don't look here:P

Sing sing sing

With Yvonne. So happy to meet her and we had planned for the next:P

With Darling Jessica~

With Steven

With Mr Busy

Now only I realize I din take photo with KeatMeng:P

After that we went for Dome for high-tea..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My dear colleague


Finally I remember to upload our camwhore in my blog!

Thanks for her company always. So that I won't be that bored in office. So that I got someone to talk crap with me in office.

Next time I try to snap another fei-fei colleague and upload here. He always the one let me teased and make my life so interesting=))

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ban Mee Again

That day I went to another Ban Mee again. Thanks to my colleague's intro and bringing:)

Full of white collar.

So nice~ But I prefer last time that one:D

Food Food Food..I want food..!!

How come my blog lately so SHORT??? Coz I update in office la..~ How to update so looooong?:P

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Done some groceries stock in and some shopping last Thursday:)


Groceries Tick.

Want to buy working shirt but end up get myself a dress=.=lll
Want to buy "If You Could See Me Now" but end up get myself "Thanks For The Memories"=.=lll

Groceries+ Shopping = Spent a lot!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I miss..

I don't miss this.

I miss caesar.

I miss carbonara but not salmon pizza.

I miss time with Miss Vian..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another book

I had finished PS I Love You!! Plan to buy another one but at last I get myself this~

Oh nowadays I just can't live without book.....:D

Saturday, October 11, 2008

first time I've been so brave.

I always thought I won't be able to be so brave.
I thought I will never tell you all about that, so clearly.
But finally, the first time, I told you all what I'm thinking and feeling.
Everything between us is so clear now.
We no need guess each other's mind, no more misunderstanding.
It make me feel so fresh and comfort.
Finally, we cleared out everything:)

Friday, October 10, 2008

My first treat.

My dad said I must treat everyone of them when I get my first salary. Thanks for Jason GOOD intro. We been to The Palace for lunch~

Menu. Most of them order dim-sum rather than proper dishes. Eating dim-sum for LUNCH?? This is my first time=.=lll

Full House.

Before that give u some portrait:P

Dear Daddy

Corrine and Jason

Dear Mummy

Here come the dishes.

Fish Porridge. So smooth it is..

Sesame Lotus Paste Ball

Char-Siew Prawn Chu-Cheong-Fun

Beef Noodle

Siu Long Bao..!!!!!!! Damn damn nice~~~~~

Siu Mai

Strongly recommend the siu-long-bao..!! Now recall also drooling:D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How good if mummy can always cook for me.

So miss my mum cooking...

This is what she cook during that weeks they came to KL for raya break~