Friday, October 24, 2008

So wish to

Dear bbf,

After talked to you whole night, I told you I suddenly so wish to back JB right now. It's not because I so sam-pat wish to know which guy u talking about, it's all because I so blamed that I can't be your side when u facing problem. I know u need someone beside u, to give u advice to listen to u. When u told me your friends seems getting lesser and lesser, especially when problem exist, I feel so guilty. And there is one moment I'm so regret that I'm right now working in KL. I always wish everyone beside me can be happy always, 'Happy Always' not just some words but they are some wishes in my deep heart.

Dear bbf, please forgive that I'm not really by your side but I always willing to listen to you.

So do to every of my dear buddies and dear and darling:)


kang yong said...

the feeling is bad when you need someone to be beside you but he/she cant make it. But just try your best. I believe he will understand you

crystal250886 said...

kang yong, not he is she..
bbf not equal to boyfriend:P

kang yong said...

Haha... pai se.. forgot to put a "she" at there. What is bbf?