Wednesday, October 22, 2008

some conversation.

Doctor: Congratulation! Is a baby boy!

Corrine: Ooh he's a baby boy! Ok..

Jason: (Smile happily)

Dad: (Smile happily)

Me: (Smile happily)

Okie my nephew going to be a baby boy but I still going to buy him everything in PINK:D


kang yong said...

walao... your nephew is boy boy, dun let him become pinky la.. >_< I dun even treat my nephew like tat! Haha.. bad crystal.

-waiseng- said...

oh, now I know y wan me to accompany u buy stuffs. HAHAHA I will persuade u to buy black. So yau yeng :D

crystal250886 said...

kang yong, but i like pinky mah:D

crystal250886 said...

oh oh mr waiseng u got wrong already:P
the things i want to buy is my own stuff laa..
baby nephew haven't born also how i buy thing for him?=))

黑妞的妈 said...

why no mum inside the conversation??
And..why my part is like tat huh??i got add "OK" at the back meh??

crystal250886 said...

corrinelkd, got laa..wahahaha~
coz your reaction not that interested mah:P