Friday, October 10, 2008

My first treat.

My dad said I must treat everyone of them when I get my first salary. Thanks for Jason GOOD intro. We been to The Palace for lunch~

Menu. Most of them order dim-sum rather than proper dishes. Eating dim-sum for LUNCH?? This is my first time=.=lll

Full House.

Before that give u some portrait:P

Dear Daddy

Corrine and Jason

Dear Mummy

Here come the dishes.

Fish Porridge. So smooth it is..

Sesame Lotus Paste Ball

Char-Siew Prawn Chu-Cheong-Fun

Beef Noodle

Siu Long Bao..!!!!!!! Damn damn nice~~~~~

Siu Mai

Strongly recommend the siu-long-bao..!! Now recall also drooling:D

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