Monday, October 20, 2008

Working Life Opinion

Seriously I understand why a lot of ppl like to complain a lot about their working life after back home. Always heard that some guy like to complain to their gf how's their boss accused them when they are not the one who wrong. Some girl like to complain to their bf how's their colleagues talked bad behind her.

Guys and girls, u need to always listen to your gf and bf. Coz the working life is not really as easy as we thought. We always meet someone so irritatable around there. Someone so don't-know-what-called-reason around them. Someone like to talk bad about others when they don't even know what happening. Someone like to accused others when they are the one who's wrong.

After back to home, it's always so important that someone listen to u. Even though u not giving any opinion, but at least someone willing to listen to u to talk some complaints, grumble, or thing else. U not even have to understand what happening but u just need to scold or complaint together with them.

I need this kind of person. Who can listen to me after I back from office. Listen to my grumbling or all those f*** thingy when I'm scolding someone. U no need to give any opinion or understand what i'm talking about just need to scold with me. HAHA

But I don't got=(

Luckily, I still got a lovely colleague who always scold together with me. Agree with me when I'm telling her someone was so unreasonable blaming me about the fault they made. Angry with me when I'm being accused. Laugh with me when I heard or saw something funny. Talk crap all the way when we are bored.

I don't know how to feel about my working life. Sometimes I enjoy it when I learn something I don't know at all in before. Sometimes I hate it when my boss like to call "Crystal, come help me............". Sometimes I feel lucky that MOST of my colleagues are friendly, although some not really. Sometimes I feel helpless when I being accused but nobody can prove to me that I'm not the one who wrong.

Things change. People change. Heart changing too.

I just wish to enjoy my life now. Enjoy everything I have now. Enjoy the moment I'm being alone at home reading the fiction whole day. Enjoy the moment of outingz with my dear friends and buddies. Enjoy the moment when I sometimes get to meet Corrine in weekends. Enjoy the moment when I talk at least half or 1 hour phone with my parents.

But sometimes, in my deep heart..I wish..that I can no need to be so tough, somebody's shoulder can borrow to me, somebody willing to give me a big hug.

I just wish these..sometimes.


Justine said...

change lah, dun use 016!i going to call u n speak gao gao if u shift to 012:p

UncleJosh said...

hugs hugs... :)
shift to 012 or 016 wouldn't matter... it's whether you're digi or maxis.. :P

anyway... smiles... working life is always like that... afterall, you're PAID to do work not like when you're in college where you pay to do your assignments :)

smiles... smiles... this helps alot during the tough times...
and patience...

Jessica said...

i'll always be there for you...if you need one. well, cyberjaya not that far from ya..can come for the rescue! :)


crystal250886 said...

justine, wah man wan like that meh..then u change to 016 laa:D

crystal250886 said...

unclejosh, i smiles a lot everyday:D
anyway thanks~

crystal250886 said...

jess darl, ya i know the route and ways go to cyberjaya:D