Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love you Girls.

Another outingz update. It maybe normal to others but it's some special date for me. Maybe it's come right on the time. When my mood swinging and they made my day:)

Cyber I coming!

We went to 1U for our outingz. Walk and eat and walk till forget the time. Never realized we spent so much time in it. We too enjoy ourselves?:P

Oops! Makeup time:D


Before we start our walks, we went to Delicious for our hightea. Relax and chitchatting.


Outdoor seats

Connie Dear's Iced Chocolate



Teatime Teatime Teatime Teatime

Connie Dear

Catch ya!:P

Jessica and me

I love you guys!

Walk and walk and walk. I don't really get anything for myself. Unless something special........:D

Dinner time is Pasta Zanmai. Some place introduced by Connie Dear. And there is no regret yet satisfaction for this meal! Woohoo~

Pasta Zanmai

Drooling again when writing blog. I want go next time!:)

Crystal Bee

See. I didn't get so much.

Green Tea seems is the most suitable beverage when having Japanese meal:)

Unagi set. Jessica's favourite.
Scared her saliva will wet the menu so we faster order this=))

Terriyaki Chicken Pizza! Super Duper Nice!!!!!

Jessica. My dear zimui that bring me a lot:)

Jessica and me

me and Connie Dear

There is a little shoppie in front of dine place. Ter-snap Connie inside:P

I want the next. Road trip may be the next for me to Jess, but when is the next for me to C.Dear?

Monday, April 28, 2008

birthday outdate post.

This is super-duper outdated laaa. But I just managed to get the photos from my dear classmate MeiChing due to both of our lack-sux-connection. =.=llll

Last Wednesday we went out to celebrate birthday for ShinHui. She is one of my classmates that help me a lot in many things. Really thanks her a lot. But you know what? It's a birthday celebration but no proper photos of birthday cake and birthday present. Hmmmmpphhhh~

That night we went to Alai for ikan bakar. Previously I only been to another famous spot for ikan bakar. This is my first time:D

There are many stalls in one roll but we choose this.

Prawn Bakar?!

Nasi Lemak seems is a MUST in Malacca Ikan Bakar stalls.

Some type of kepang.

Sweet Sour Fish?!

Fried Sotong. *My Favourite*

Ikan Bakar Kosong. I don't like this. It taste bitter@.@

We finish all this of course:)

IB Coursemate.
*ChoonYuen, ShinHui, Me and HueSun*

Birthday girl and me

Inside the car. I'm so scene-sensitive:P

After that move toward to Wing's. Someone favourite gua.

Hope u like our celebration for u.
*Upside Left to Downside Left*
*HueSun, me, ChoonYuen, Angel, ShinHui and MeiChing*

Our beverages. So colourful huh~

This is the photo with the birthday cake:))

Happy Birthday girl!:D

HueSun and me

Angel, HueSun and me

First time celebrate birthday for her. Every last birthday celebrate with uni-mate is so memorable to me. Unluckily I won't have the one:(

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hot butt paste cold face.

Don't know why I should taken all this in. I don't even know what mistake I made. How should I solve it when I don't even know what the problem is?

Been ignored without reason is the stupidest thing I ever had.

Isn't put all those thingy in heart the problem can be solved?? Don't know what you thinking about.

Anyway, no point for me to feel sad for that. I don't like to being cold-treated when I'm not wrong. I'm living without any consience.@.@~

Thanks for being with me anyhow. Being grateful and those memory will be unforgettable for me.

Big thanks to YOU!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

how come so bored.

This is my weekend.

sleep+eat snacks+no proper meal+drink water+youtube+bath!

How come my weekend so lame. I know my assignments all finished just left 2 presentations and 1 midterm paper..OOPS! I totally forgot about my second midterm paper which will be the last too. But I truly believe that even I remember about it today I also can't make myself take out the notes and read them.

I had a bad driving experience. Really don't wish to think more about that. I seems keep on regret recently. I seems can't done thing well. Not one but every. What happened to me laa aiyoo?

Final coming graduation coming road-measuring coming! I going to become nobody in 2 more months. I seems have no preparation for my coming days. Sooooooooooooooooo lame!

OMG~ Just want to fcuk out my feeling. I think no one want to become nobody. So do I.

Help ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Something can done in graduate break.

I love 九把刀!!

I will buy all his collections and they will accompany me the whole June!
Or maybe July too!:D

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm not princess in Mystique.

Seriously I'm not really wish to post up the photos of Mystique lo. Coz I look seriously terrible that night. Aiksssss. So dissapointeed of myself. But still thanks to SiawYin's sis for the makeup and my new 'hairstylist':P

Here are some photos. But not the close one=))

Girls of my table.



My table members:D
Everyone look so nice except me:(

With Mr. Q. He so yeng that day laa:)

The most suprised photos that day. I get to take photo with famous blogger KennySia and pretty model Stephanie and famous lengzei Jen!

With KennySia

With the emcee that night, Steph and Jen:D
Steph is so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy and Jen is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ok la. I look terrible but it's seriously a precious experience. For a MMU undergraduate is a MUST to go. At least try once mah. But I recommend only tried ONCE enough la:P

Hmm, can I go back to the time before Mystique start?:P

Friday, April 11, 2008

short one.

I promise. It's really just a short one. A temporary short break for me. Yesterday after I finish my first presentation, don't know why feel soooo relax. Maybe this week is the duedate for both assignments and presentation. That's why so stress. This sem hopefully will be my last sem. I don't want extend ah!! *choi* *touchwood*

But I think I seriously very relax today. As what I wish. Haha. Although today morning I woke up very early for driving lesson, but on the afternoon I slept for 2 hours!!! OMG. Normal days I take half hour nap everyday coz I really hard to fall asleep at night. One hour nap already make me almost eye-open till day light, today 2 hours nap!! Don't know how to pass tonight? Anyone want talk to me?:P

Oh ya, talk about my driving uncle. He talked something funny to me today.
At first he praised me:
U improved so much! compare to the first time (I feel so happy for his praise)
U don't know your first time drive really KANASAI..!!!!! (wah man, kanasai this word also come out)
Make me can't stop laughing there laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa=))

Anyway it's still a good thing for improve right? So I just don't wish bother about the k** word. Haha. Today have a satisfied mee-hun-kuey breakfast again. I always ordered the big portion:D

Oohhhhhh, I want to share something. My newie!

My new 'hairstylist'!
I will become my own hairstylist for nowadays! Anyone interested let me become yours? If you don't worry your hair become....................:P

Please call 016XXXXXXX. Thanks=))

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I enjoy great voice.

Late update.

Last sunday after I back from KL, I straight away back home take bath, then go dinner with housemates, finally attended the Songs Composition Competition by Micros CLS. I think nobody will believe me that I'm go for support friends, as I scream the most and loudest when Andrew come out. Hahaha:))

He singing with a beautiful girl. And keep on...................:P
Ya, I support him, Darren Chuah and another guy ShaoXuan. Both of their songs are indeed nice!
Darren, I believe u will do better in future. ShaoXuan, keep it up for beautiful lyrics!:D
Both of them got most praises from judge lo ok! Don't play play:P

So many pattern lo him=))

Ok la. I been most 'high' and scream the loudest when he came out. Andrew~~~~~~~
Especially he singing 'bao-qian'. This is my loved song. Keke~
I'm sua-ku coz never see him in real mah. Stop teasing me=.=lll

I do love great voice and great songs as well as great lyrics. But I really don't have the compose talent. Sing maybe can la. Aiksss. Waste my classical-piano-cert@.@