Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love you Girls.

Another outingz update. It maybe normal to others but it's some special date for me. Maybe it's come right on the time. When my mood swinging and they made my day:)

Cyber I coming!

We went to 1U for our outingz. Walk and eat and walk till forget the time. Never realized we spent so much time in it. We too enjoy ourselves?:P

Oops! Makeup time:D


Before we start our walks, we went to Delicious for our hightea. Relax and chitchatting.


Outdoor seats

Connie Dear's Iced Chocolate



Teatime Teatime Teatime Teatime

Connie Dear

Catch ya!:P

Jessica and me

I love you guys!

Walk and walk and walk. I don't really get anything for myself. Unless something special........:D

Dinner time is Pasta Zanmai. Some place introduced by Connie Dear. And there is no regret yet satisfaction for this meal! Woohoo~

Pasta Zanmai

Drooling again when writing blog. I want go next time!:)

Crystal Bee

See. I didn't get so much.

Green Tea seems is the most suitable beverage when having Japanese meal:)

Unagi set. Jessica's favourite.
Scared her saliva will wet the menu so we faster order this=))

Terriyaki Chicken Pizza! Super Duper Nice!!!!!

Jessica. My dear zimui that bring me a lot:)

Jessica and me

me and Connie Dear

There is a little shoppie in front of dine place. Ter-snap Connie inside:P

I want the next. Road trip may be the next for me to Jess, but when is the next for me to C.Dear?


Akira 思胜 said...

The desserts looked so delicious... One Utama is full of F&B outlets!!!

Yian said...

Where exactly is the Pasta Zanmai restaurant eh? Hahaha... Mau pergi tengok XD

Yap Kevin said...

the environment seems very cozy, and i love zanmai... :)