Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I enjoy great voice.

Late update.

Last sunday after I back from KL, I straight away back home take bath, then go dinner with housemates, finally attended the Songs Composition Competition by Micros CLS. I think nobody will believe me that I'm go for support friends, as I scream the most and loudest when Andrew come out. Hahaha:))

He singing with a beautiful girl. And keep on...................:P
Ya, I support him, Darren Chuah and another guy ShaoXuan. Both of their songs are indeed nice!
Darren, I believe u will do better in future. ShaoXuan, keep it up for beautiful lyrics!:D
Both of them got most praises from judge lo ok! Don't play play:P

So many pattern lo him=))

Ok la. I been most 'high' and scream the loudest when he came out. Andrew~~~~~~~
Especially he singing 'bao-qian'. This is my loved song. Keke~
I'm sua-ku coz never see him in real mah. Stop teasing me=.=lll

I do love great voice and great songs as well as great lyrics. But I really don't have the compose talent. Sing maybe can la. Aiksss. Waste my classical-piano-cert@.@


Akira 思胜 said...

wow, he can sing very well rite? hehe, because u screamed so loud for him....

crystal250886 said...

he can:D