Saturday, February 28, 2009

CNY 2009

My CNY just simply few photos.

My pre-CNY dinner on 30th of Pre-Lunar.

Family photos. But each with less 1 person inside:p
*The last one is the funniest. HAHAHAHAHA*

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dad and Mum favourite

Kinsahi recently become my parents' favourite. Recall back last time, my dad always complain to me that Japanese food ' gui kak nm bao'. Means the food can't really fill tummy yet expensive.

But now.........................

They seriously Kinsahi lover!

1 month at least 4 times I think! But this is what they told me, as according to my memory, I seems always heard them called they waiting food reach at Kinsahi. (I quite often call them mah:p)

But anyway, they insist want bring me go eat once when I back to JB. And they insist tell me that usually they only went there during promotion period (because they own their member card), but when I go back there is no promotion period mah.

Ask me must appreciate!! Hahahahahaha=))

K la this will only be food post as my parents not usually to take portrait photo when they in meal:p

I'm not cheating u. Both my daddy and mummy damn love their ginger! Even me this japanese food lover also dun like the taste, but my parents everytime can finish almost half of the can@.@

Mummy's Fried Rice

Daddy's Salmon Porridge Set


Got lengzei waiter? Sorry no:p

Damn expensive lo this one if compare with those sakae or sushi king=.=lll

At last, my japanese curry bento set! *worth really*

Monday, February 23, 2009

happy little girl gone

Where is the happy little girl gone?

The girl who always smile..

The girl who always bring laughter to everyone..

The girl who always cheer ppl up when they are upset..

Where is this girl gone?
Is there some devil bring her away?

I miss my smiley.
I miss my all-ppl-love sound of big laugh.

Where can I find it?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Book Package

I got these package in RM60++ only!!! *zap dou bou* like that:p

*Going to finish IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW. A PLACE CALLED HERE starting soon! *

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss J in KL!

Last month Miss Justine came to KL! and they give me suprise!!

The story is this....................

K la.. I not going to tell story la. Dun worry. Just Miss Justine and Miss Cherish told me they coming to KL few weeks ago. But after that change mind said not coming already. So one day Miss Lim PeiYun ask me out for meet. Since we both stay in KL so it's easy for us to meet up la.....

Then when I reach 1U and discussing with Miss PeiYun where to eat for lunch, Miss Justine appear suddenly!!!

It just so suprised me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she so cham coz she not too far from us for so long time I also din realize she standing there. Until she said loudly: WHAT TO EAT FOR LUNCH AH??!!, only I realized she came:p

Ei I still telling story here. So sorry~

So at the end we went for lunch at Dragon-I.

Before food first!!

me and Miss Justine

Me and Miss PeiYun



Wet Napkin



My favourite Beef Noodle..!!!!!!! *drooling*


Siew Lung Pao

Lau Sa Pao

Pan Fried

After that Miss Cherish and her boy also came to meet us. But too bad we din take photo together~



Us in washroom

I love this!!!!!!

Dinner at BBQ Plaza.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Choon Yuen's Birthday

Last month we celebrate Choon Yuen's birthday at Full House.

Choon Yuen with her birthday cake.


Before cutting session sure we need to have some photo session first la. Hehe


Her with Poi Sze

Her with Hue Sun

Her with me

Her with Mei Ching

Her with Wai Kit


She escape from being cream girl. Hahaha

Her with her cake

Cut cake loo

Happy Belated Birthday girl~:)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

JB-MMU gang

They are bestie during MMU time. Seriously I miss the times in MMU. At least I love that more than now. Now feeling really meaningless for living and working....

That night we went to a Italian restaurant in JB. I think this should be a dark-food-post as the lighting that nice very 'nice' and I only take photo with Miss Justine and Miss Cherish. Actually Miss Vian and CS also joining us. But only for the drinking session after that:p

with Justine in car


Xmas tree still appear here although CNY already pass also:p

Justine with her love camera

with Cherish

Baked bread with Mushroom soup


Carbonara Salmon

Baked Mussels


And playing congkak!!:p