Thursday, February 19, 2009

JB-MMU gang

They are bestie during MMU time. Seriously I miss the times in MMU. At least I love that more than now. Now feeling really meaningless for living and working....

That night we went to a Italian restaurant in JB. I think this should be a dark-food-post as the lighting that nice very 'nice' and I only take photo with Miss Justine and Miss Cherish. Actually Miss Vian and CS also joining us. But only for the drinking session after that:p

with Justine in car


Xmas tree still appear here although CNY already pass also:p

Justine with her love camera

with Cherish

Baked bread with Mushroom soup


Carbonara Salmon

Baked Mussels


And playing congkak!!:p

1 comment:

Justine said...

haha...i din go and remember what is the italian restaurant name@@~ btw, there was a quite high class italian restaurant i discover but waiting u back to go try it:))