Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dad and Mum favourite

Kinsahi recently become my parents' favourite. Recall back last time, my dad always complain to me that Japanese food ' gui kak nm bao'. Means the food can't really fill tummy yet expensive.

But now.........................

They seriously Kinsahi lover!

1 month at least 4 times I think! But this is what they told me, as according to my memory, I seems always heard them called they waiting food reach at Kinsahi. (I quite often call them mah:p)

But anyway, they insist want bring me go eat once when I back to JB. And they insist tell me that usually they only went there during promotion period (because they own their member card), but when I go back there is no promotion period mah.

Ask me must appreciate!! Hahahahahaha=))

K la this will only be food post as my parents not usually to take portrait photo when they in meal:p

I'm not cheating u. Both my daddy and mummy damn love their ginger! Even me this japanese food lover also dun like the taste, but my parents everytime can finish almost half of the can@.@

Mummy's Fried Rice

Daddy's Salmon Porridge Set


Got lengzei waiter? Sorry no:p

Damn expensive lo this one if compare with those sakae or sushi king=.=lll

At last, my japanese curry bento set! *worth really*


Andrew said...

walao!! best!! i'm so scared of jap food d.. LOL

yesterday went yo sushi.... crazy weh makan until... hahaha

crystal250886 said...


i seems got long time never eat sushi ler.......

want eat zanmai so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh