Monday, February 23, 2009

happy little girl gone

Where is the happy little girl gone?

The girl who always smile..

The girl who always bring laughter to everyone..

The girl who always cheer ppl up when they are upset..

Where is this girl gone?
Is there some devil bring her away?

I miss my smiley.
I miss my all-ppl-love sound of big laugh.

Where can I find it?


Jessica said...

i'm wondering the same thing too.
ain't that happy anymore...
ain't that optimistic dy...
as time goes by, things changed and we've changed as well. *aiks*

crystal250886 said...

ya it is.
time keep changing everyday.
no matter the person, the feeling, even the ppl around us.

I just want my smiley back...........................


-ritchie- said...

u can find it in ur heart.. just open up ur heart and cheer up..