Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss J in KL!

Last month Miss Justine came to KL! and they give me suprise!!

The story is this....................

K la.. I not going to tell story la. Dun worry. Just Miss Justine and Miss Cherish told me they coming to KL few weeks ago. But after that change mind said not coming already. So one day Miss Lim PeiYun ask me out for meet. Since we both stay in KL so it's easy for us to meet up la.....

Then when I reach 1U and discussing with Miss PeiYun where to eat for lunch, Miss Justine appear suddenly!!!

It just so suprised me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she so cham coz she not too far from us for so long time I also din realize she standing there. Until she said loudly: WHAT TO EAT FOR LUNCH AH??!!, only I realized she came:p

Ei I still telling story here. So sorry~

So at the end we went for lunch at Dragon-I.

Before food first!!

me and Miss Justine

Me and Miss PeiYun



Wet Napkin



My favourite Beef Noodle..!!!!!!! *drooling*


Siew Lung Pao

Lau Sa Pao

Pan Fried

After that Miss Cherish and her boy also came to meet us. But too bad we din take photo together~



Us in washroom

I love this!!!!!!

Dinner at BBQ Plaza.


Bryan Hoo said...

wah when GWY come never find us?

crystal250886 said...

she just come in short while only leh....

i din get to see her long time also~