Friday, February 29, 2008

first driving

I'm reallyyyyyyyyyyy a typical blur queen!

Even the L license expired already also don't know. Aikssssss. Need to pay again for renewal. WHEN CAN I STOP BE SO BLUR?!! Anyway since today only I renew it, so I'm unable to start my driving lesson yet!~


When I thought I just wasting my time for wake up so GOOD uncle-teacher told me:
"Nvm la. I will teach you inside the driving centre only. Next time I only let you learn on road ok?"

WooHoo! Means I can drive a while today. Luckily I'm not wasting time.

Drive drive drive, I'm just stupid for catching the point of turning.

After around 1 hour 'class', my uncle-teacher straight away told me:
"I think you not able to finish learn in the selected 8 hours. You confirm need to book for extra hour for learning."

Ok I know I'm seriously do bad in driving. But your words depressed me much laa. It's truth I know but..............

Forget it. I'm ok for the extra pay since today I already spend the extra for renewal. My next is on end of March coz of the pack-ness of time slot booking. But my April will be full of driving lesson.

So everyone just wait for me. If u dare I can fetch u after I get my license. AND if u STILL dare after seeing what uncle-teacher told me and STILL dare I STILL willing to fetch u up.

Ooohh, tmr I bussing to KL. Alone. Due to my 'flexibility' I sms those I want to meet and ON my visit. I don't even believe on myself for that. I just too miss u guyssssssssssssss

See ya soon!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cafe yumcha.

Last night went out with my dear housemates. At first they told me going YUM-CHA. What in my mind, yumcha=mamak stall. Miss goh requested for Wi-Fi since our house has been through the LINE-SUX period few days. As undergraduate student u should know it's quite hard to survive without internet. So at the end we went to Friend's Cafe for YUMCHA@.@~

It's 11.30pm already. So don't blame me for this tired-face.

Captured with SiawYin.

PeiYun aka LPP with her notes for quiz studying

Justine with her lappie

SiawYin. Erm, what she want to express with this expression?=))

This two pairs of slippers are totally same.
Top: LPP Bottom: Mine
Can u see the different after LPP wearing for quite some times and I just wore it not more than 10 times?:p

SiawYin's Caffe Mocha with my Friend's Tower.
It's big though. I can't finish it=.=lll

Ooohhh! My coursemate is in ICU now and unconcious. Friend, hope u will be safe and awake soon!

*praying hardly

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad Dream.

The night before last night,

I had a bad dream.

I saw a scene that..


choi choi choi*



Monday, February 25, 2008

with coursemate.

Last night went out dinner with my coursemate. This is my ever first I think. Coz I seldom out with them since we became coursemate. Even got there will be just a simple lunch. So that consider the first for me=)

Went to Portuguese Settlement for seafood. I seldom been there when there is no xmas. But what I want to say is the portion is small for us. Isn't we look like small-eater?:p

Photo first before the dishes served.

My coursemate. *Me, MeiChing, HueSun, and PoiSze*
Actually there are five of us but one of them resist to take photo. I wonder why.

Ok. we just want to take the sea as background. Haha.

Here come our dishes.

Fried Sotong

Sambal Fish

Fried Kangkung

Lala Ginger


We choose this stall as there are many stalls there.

After that we went to Wing's Cafe as one of them is Wing's lover. Hahaha.
What we can do other than listening song live?


snap me when I thinking DEEPLY to win?=))

Am I too gamble-r as I'm the one who teaching them play cho-dai-di? OMG

Sunday, February 24, 2008

You can.

Dear friend,

Be confident to yourself ok.

you sure can find your girl in some day in future.

Don't be scared that you will bored your girlfriend.

Coz I believe that you sure will put your best effort to give her the most happiness.

I had confidence on you.


Dear friend

Saturday, February 23, 2008

long time no see

I'm just back from outside. After viewing Jess's blog FUNNY videoclips, I just can said, it's luckily my housemates not around. Else they will kick me off for laughing too loud..!~:p

Ok. Talk about tonight. Just now went out with MayEe. No doubt we just stay opposite, but we meet each other since...last time ikan bakar with her. It's quite some times for me. I'm asking her out and she so FRIEND for reject her friend's advance date and out with me. *touched*:P

We decided went for dinner and movie later. It's sux dinner but great movie!

At first plan to go for Japanese food, but end up we come to Nadeje. Don't think we will get full of just having a slice of layer cake, coz Nadeje is opening the new restaurant for selling foods and beverages other than layer cake. It's located on the second floor of DP. Since we never try it, so go to have a look.



Great lighting


My CALPIS Hibiscus Tea Soda

Her...don't know what the name:p

My Orange Sauce Chicken Chop
*served with smashed potato,salad and seaweed soup* What a weird combination~

Her Chicken Chop with Chilli Sauce?!
*served with smashed potato,salad and seaweed soup*

Ok well, the beverages we ordered is ok, although soda drink always taste like 7-up for me. I tasted 7-up taste more than hibiscus ok. And for the food..SUX..!! Want see the prove? Here it is

See! We left more than half of it. MayEe straight away finish the soup only.

So don't ever go there if you want to try nice food. They should only satisfied for making layer cake ONLY. Hahaha. Am I going too far?:P

Well, since the food can't beauty your eye, let you see lenglui's photo!=))



Oh ya, the only thing make us great just now is the movie we watched. Vantage Point. It's seriously exciting me with the great sound effect. It's great overall but I just can't tolerant the way the director make the movie. Maybe those who watched it can understand what I mean. Hahaha

You guys can go for Vantage Point but no Nadeje meal!~

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wish you.

Happy Birthday WaiSeng!
No present but just a post for u here.:D
Be proud for the first ever blog-birthday-wish you be in my blog:P

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fancy Clinique

Today went out with WanYin. She is my dear housemate aka dear zimui. This is not the first time only both of us out. But I always enjoy the times being with her. Keke. What we done today? Watched movie Jumper, Shop and spent A LOT even just at Jusco. I enjoy such outingzz and wish to have more with her or even other girlz guyz.

Before outz

Because only both of us so we just can keep on camwhore and camwhore. Oooh, maybe we too long time never out and take photos together?!:p


This should be better if it's taken clearer by me. @.@

Movie Session-Jumper. It's nice though. Although it make me a bit dizzy for the jump shot, but I enjoy and start to think if I can jump wherever I want or I can jump to wherever with SOMEONE special. Hoho.

Dinner. The spinach noodle didn't taste spinach-ness at all.

Dinner. It's just sooooooooooooooo............

Ok. We are tired after whole day walking.

Last but not least,
Another Clinique Fancy come. I bought my first Clinique product which generally recommended by many friends around me.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Tube

I want Laneige for the next!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Weekend

Today is Friday. Later still need to go for the 1 hour class. Super duper sienz.

I've back Malacca for 3 days. But I'm indeed still in the CNY mood. Oh ya. Yesterday is Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to all people I love and all people that love me much. Are you the one? I believe you are the one. Keke..

But yesterday is just a normal day for me. I still as normal go to class still as normal eat and sleep. But ooh, I skip my meals yesterday. Don't know what to eat and no mood to go out for meal. I not even feel hungry even till now. Maybe whole day non-stop eating those CNY cookies and bak-gua. I'm feeling full just like what I felt at JB home. Hoho.

I so wish that I'm in KL now. So that I can meet up with Connie Dear or anyone I wish to meet.

Last night I made a really really ridiculous dream. Even me myself never think of that in real life but I done it in dream. I'm in loved with someone I loved before. HAHAHAHA! What a good Valentine's present for myself=.=lllll

Anyway weekend coming. I will be staying in Malacca staying in Ixora staying in my unit staying in my room staying in front my lappie. No date no outingz no gathering. Just drama and youtube and my favourite songs accompany me.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm done

Hard to believe.
We watched the same movie.
Although I only know that when the movie was end.
But never thought we will watch movie together
Kungfu Dunk

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


First Tuen-Yuen Dinner at home

Homemade Suan-Pan-Zi

Second Tuen-Yuen Dinner at Grandma's house

Pig Rotter Vinegar

Dinner at home

Dinner at home. This time Fried Prawn taste better

Stonegrill in Tebrau City

Tell me how not getting fatter after eating all this within few days of CNY?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNY 2008

I'm just back from JB. Class already start yesterday but I back today evening. So unwilling to back actually. Everything at home make me wish to stay for longer time. Aiksss

Ok. No point for nagging here since I'm already in Malacca. Every year Chinese New Year my dad sure will decorate nicely for my sweet sweet home. This year for sure other than tidy up those old-rusty-stuffs, my dad focus much on decorate my house.

There are so many things make me feel the CNY even just at home.


Assorted CNY cookies

All in Red for CNY


Flower in plastic?!


Angpao Packss

Nin-Gou and Pomelo




This Year is Rat Year~ That's why Mickey and Minnie here!

Rat Deco~

CNY Deco

Choi-Shen *He keep singing Choi-Shen-Dou during this CNY=.=lll*

Today is the 6th day of CNY. I still in the CNY mood, which CNY means Holidays for me. Haha. So

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!