Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Planet. CNYE.

Last week before I back to JB, had a short gather with ex-CNYE gang. They are my mates during one of the events that I had participate in my academic year. Never expect we still keep in touch after the events had end.

You guys do bring me a lotz of laughter and warms. Thanks a lot.

Long time never gather since most of us having training last semester. Here we gather together again.

After some short 'discuss', GeeChan, the driver, decided go to Our Planet Cafe for dinner. It is a cafe where environment comfort me but not really for the foods. Foods there are quite normal. But yet this is not the first time for me to there.

Our Planet

Interior Design

Here are the beverages. Seriously I'm not really remembered those beverages' names. Keke.


Seafood Spaghetti

Spicy Fried Rice

Set meal

After having our dinner at Our Planet Cafe, we headed to Secret Recipe which located just opposite the place we having dinner. It's just so near that we can simply walk opposite. Seriously I seems celebrate many friends' birthday here before. Full of memories too.

'Special' Birthday Cake

She is the Birthday Girl. Miss Justine Goh WanYin.
Happy Birthday to you. Today is the day.

Cherish aka SiawYin





Three of them.

Three of us.

There are six of us there. But seriously we can't finish the only three pieces of cakes. =.=lll

Birthday girl seriously I want to call u and sing u birthday song. As u know I not always willing to sing birthday song for ppl. But too bad I'm not able to call you. Too pity u can't hear my SWEET voice=p


Justine said...

woah!i saw my photo!!:p

crystal250886 said...

u can save it if u want=)