Saturday, February 23, 2008

long time no see

I'm just back from outside. After viewing Jess's blog FUNNY videoclips, I just can said, it's luckily my housemates not around. Else they will kick me off for laughing too loud..!~:p

Ok. Talk about tonight. Just now went out with MayEe. No doubt we just stay opposite, but we meet each other since...last time ikan bakar with her. It's quite some times for me. I'm asking her out and she so FRIEND for reject her friend's advance date and out with me. *touched*:P

We decided went for dinner and movie later. It's sux dinner but great movie!

At first plan to go for Japanese food, but end up we come to Nadeje. Don't think we will get full of just having a slice of layer cake, coz Nadeje is opening the new restaurant for selling foods and beverages other than layer cake. It's located on the second floor of DP. Since we never try it, so go to have a look.



Great lighting


My CALPIS Hibiscus Tea Soda

Her...don't know what the name:p

My Orange Sauce Chicken Chop
*served with smashed potato,salad and seaweed soup* What a weird combination~

Her Chicken Chop with Chilli Sauce?!
*served with smashed potato,salad and seaweed soup*

Ok well, the beverages we ordered is ok, although soda drink always taste like 7-up for me. I tasted 7-up taste more than hibiscus ok. And for the food..SUX..!! Want see the prove? Here it is

See! We left more than half of it. MayEe straight away finish the soup only.

So don't ever go there if you want to try nice food. They should only satisfied for making layer cake ONLY. Hahaha. Am I going too far?:P

Well, since the food can't beauty your eye, let you see lenglui's photo!=))



Oh ya, the only thing make us great just now is the movie we watched. Vantage Point. It's seriously exciting me with the great sound effect. It's great overall but I just can't tolerant the way the director make the movie. Maybe those who watched it can understand what I mean. Hahaha

You guys can go for Vantage Point but no Nadeje meal!~


Akira Wah said...

The food is so temptating... Made me felt hungry in the early morning... hehe...

How is the movie? Nice?

ViaN said...

the food is suxxxxxxxxxxxx....

crystal250886 said...

the food LOOK nice only=.=lll
so don't judge food by it's outlook akira:))

crystal250886 said...

no next time miss lee:P

Akira Wah said...

qIcic, haha... so u would suggest to me that the food is not nice rite?

crystal250886 said...

yaya..don't go for their food but go for their layer cake! it's nicer~